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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Crystal's Deal or No Deal Game Report 23/03/11

Crystal has box 15 today. Crystal works for the Metropolitan police. Noel takes her back to Christmas a few years ago where she was diagnosed with cancer, she talks about the treatment she initially, but found after a while she got another form of cancer and had to undergo more treatment, and after that spell of treatment had the news from her doctor that she was in remission. Crystal talks about how this has changed her outlook on life totally. We get to see a picture of Crystal when she was 6 with her brother, and she talks about her brother and their relationship until she passed away a while ago. We see a picture of Crystal of her with her other 2 brothers, and another of her son. She has her sister-in-law Renee in the audience for support today.

Round 1
Crystal says she has visualised her game for a long time and has already celebrated her win back in her living room She will be keeping box 5 to the end.
18 - £500 Paul
14 - £750 Sophie
9 - £3,000 Jack
20 - £10 Charlotte
11 - £1,000 Tom

Banker time
Noel says that he is mesmerised by Crystal floating around in her yellow dress, but has noticed she is wearing 'bovver boots'! Crystal says that she doesn't do fancy shoes.

Banker's offer:

Crystal says that is great and exciting money.

Crystal says

Crystal talks about the £700 she ran up on her parents landline when she was younger, but says she was good and paid it all back.

Round 2
21 - £50,000 Jefferson
19 - £5 Shannon
Dave next, and Noel says that he is very hunky!
4 - £100,000 Dave

Banker time
That wasn't a good round says Noel. The Banker wants to know if Dave has been working on the car in the t-shirt he is wearing!

Banker's offer:

Crystal says

Round 3
10 - £250,000 Hugo
6 - 1p Andy
17 - £10,000 Bev

Banker time
That isn't quite the story we wanted really says Noel. Crystal says she would love to travel around the world and particularly Asia. The Banker calls and says that was a tricky round.

Banker's offer:

Crystal says that is a lot of money and it would take her out of her overdraft.

Crystal says

Round 4
7 - £250 Chris
8 - £15,000 Becky
22 - £100 Will

Banker time
The Banker says one of the features of recent games at this point is people have been hitting their highest numbers, but Crystal didn't do that in this round.

Banker's offer:

Crystal says she is going to talk freely now, and she loves to eat, and she adores chicken shops and £9,000 can buy her a lot of chicken. Chris tells her this is quite a dangerous board, and it is a bit 50/50, and if he was her he would deal, but she is a very lucky person. Crystal goes to the pilgrims to see who thinks she should deal, but no one puts up their hands.

Crystal says

Round 5
3 - £35,000 Natalie
1 - 10p Vera
13 - £75,000 Sam

Banker time
You stripped out over £100,000 from the board says Noel, and then asks how much of a gambler Crystal is. The Banker says Chris was the sole voice pointing out the board was weaker than it looked.

Banker's offer:

Noel says that is the lowest offer of the game, and it is always difficult to leave at the low point, but you have to weigh up if you want to leave with something. Jack tells Crystal to go with her heart.

Crystal says

Round 6
2 - £50 Clare
12 - £20,000 Newbie
16 - 50p Ian

Banker time with £1 and £5,000 remaining

Noel says that it isn't surprising that Crystal beat cancer with the conviction she is showing here.

Banker's offer:

Crystal asks if she plays on will she get the swap. The banker calls and says he will be prepared to offer the swap on the condition that some time in the future he can share a bargain bucket with her. Crystal's sister-in-law talks about how she was walking into town the other night with Crystal when they were talking about her game and also her late brother when a big 5 appeared on a wall in front of them.

Crystal says

The Banker calls

Banker's offer:

Crystal says

Noel swaps Crystal's box 15 for Box 5

Crystal now has box 5...

Noel opens box 5 and reveals £1

Aisha with box 15 contains the £5,000

Crystal says that this has been such an opportunity for her, and she thanks everyone for their support.

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Thank you for this blog. I missed some of the episodes last week, so this has helped me catch up with what happened to who.

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