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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Steve's Deal or No Deal Game Report 20/10/10

Noel thanks the pilgrims who travel from all over the country to visit the dream factory, and he also thanks the viewers who send in lots of things to the show, he has a special thanks for Connor who sent in a folder containing a record and picture drawn by himself of every player to have won £75,000 or more, as he is only 12 he is too young to appear on the show but Noel has a surprise for him later in the show.

Steve has box 11 today. Steve is a package driver, and it involves doing multi-parcel drops. Steve is also a football referee, and he shows us some of his family pictures, he talks about his sister who went for an operation on her spine, but it didn't quite work out right and she ended up in a wheel chair. We see more of Steve's family photos and he has his wife in the audience for support. He talks about how he became a football referee and has his cards with him that he might use on the Banker depending how his game goes today.

Round 1
13 - £5 Marcel
21 - £15,000 Jess
2 - £75,000 Darren
Lilly with box 18 next, but Pat is opening the box for her, and the Banker calls and says he has noticed that Pat is getting better at her box opening, but to put some pressure on her he will dock £1,000 from Steve's offer if Pat messes up her box opening!
18 - £35,000 Lilly (opened by Pat)
The Banker says that Pat saved him more than a £1,000 on that box. Steve picks Pat again and the Banker says that if Pat does a good opening he will add £1,000 to the opening offer!
20 - £500 Pat

Banker time
The Banker agrees to add the £1,000

Banker's offer:

Steve says

Round 2
16 - £20,000 Karen
19 - £1 Fadi
Noel reveals the surprise he has for Conner who sent in his folder/record of every player who has won over £75,000, and they have arranged for Connor to be near a phone now, and Noel talks to him on the Banker's phone Connor answers the phone and Noel thanks him for the folder and asks if they can keep the folder for their souvenirs, and Connor isn't sure, so Noel offers a miniature replica box signed by all the crew in exchange for the folder, and Connor agrees
17 - 10p Maryanne

Banker time
That was perfect timing to reveal that. The Banker says that was a first for him as he was trying to call and the phone line was engaged

Banker's offer:

That is a really good offer says Steve, and he could do a lot with that. He goes to Bryan who says it is a good offer, but Steve already knows what he is going to do.

Steve says

Round 3
9 - £10,000 Debs
We need 2 low blues now says Noel.
8 - £750 Christine
4 - £50,000 Paul

Banker time
The hole just got a lot bigger says Noel. The Banker says this is now a serious gambler's board.

Banker's offer:

Steve goes to Bryan again, and Bryan says if he can avoid the top 2 in the next round then his offer is going to shoot up, but it is a huge risk.

Steve says

Round 4
10 - £100 Kiran
14 - £5,000 Hetty
Steve says that is Ok as he is here for the big money.
7 - £50 Christopher

Banker time
That is not bad at all says Noel. The Banker reckons that was a gamble for Steve, and he now has to try a lot harder to shift Steve

Banker's offer:

Steve's wife says that is real money and they could do a lot with that. Steve then again goes to Bryan who says that Steve would play on without a safety net going into the next round. The Banker calls and says that if Steve takes just one of the top reds he will take a chance and low-ball Steve! Steve says he would save box 3 to last as when he first played he was hit in the face by a ladybird and it fell on his box 3, and he now thinks that box 3 contains the £250,000.

Steve says

Round 5 - Proveout round
5 - £1,000 Jaron
6 - £100,000 Millie
15 - 50p Faye

Banker time
Wow says Noel, and he wonders what the emotions would have been if Steve was still in live play.

Banker's offer would've been:

Round 6 - Proveout round
22 - £3,000 Savy
1 - £250,000 Ann
Noel declares a spanking
12 - 1p Newbie Jonathan

Banker time with £10 and £250 remaining

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel opens Steve's box 11 and reveals £10

Bryan with box 3 contains the £250

Noel says that Steve was right about box 3 containing the 250, but is was just the wrong 250 Steve says he has had a fantastic time and he will be able to do a lot with the money.

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