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Monday, October 04, 2010

Howie's Deal or No Deal Game Report 04/10/10

Noel points out quite often players bring lucky items with them...but some bring another thing with them; £75,000 could have been won if the lucky number 6 had been brought to the table. He runs through players' lucky numbers among the East Wing; nine reveal theirs, one cannot say and another one doesn't have one!

Howie's game today, he brings box 17 with him to the table. He shows us a picture of his family which includes his son James, who is in the audience. They unfortunately lost their youngest daughter, and he's brought a piece of paper with her footprint on it for good luck!

Howie's also a gambler, with poker in particular. Howie has a lucky number however, 18 as his daughter would be 18 today.

Round 1
Howie's starting with boxes with reputations; first box 7 which has had the £250,000 in a lot lately with Chris...
Box 7 - Annie - £35,000
Box 22 - Therese - £750
Box 8 - Ashlea - £75,000
Box 11 - Alex - £100,000
Box 6 - Ammarah - £3,000

Banker time.

Banker's offer:

So Howie can bring box 18 to the table if he wants it; 17 is currently on the table!

Howie SWAPS for box 18.

Round 2
Box 10 - Debs - £250
Box 5 - newbie Christine - £5,000
Box 3 - Steve - £500

Banker time
The Banker likes the top left corner of the board (the top eight still in play!)...

Banker's offer:

Howie says

Round 3
Box 20 - Fadi - 1p
Box 14 - Anji - £20,000
"She's done it again!" exclaims Noel...
Box 21 - Marley - £15,000

Banker time
The Banker admits that was unlucky for Howie...

Banker's offer:

Howie says

Round 4
Noel points out Howie still hasn't picked box 17 (his original box)...
Box 1 - Christopher - £1,000
Box 13 - Chris - £250,000
Noel reminds us about box 17 and how it was swapped away, but Howie plans to keep it as it's his son's birthday...
Box 19 - Darren - £50

Banker time
The Banker makes a clever comment about poker; Howie needs a chip and a chair! But he also needs good fortune!

Banker's offer:

Howie says he needs chance too!

Howie says

Round 5
Box 2 - Martin - £10
Box 12 - Paul - £10,000
Howie says it's always been a one-box game anyway though!
Box 9 - Gina - £1

Banker time
Noel reminds Howie the last offer was just £500...and now the odds are so against him, this won't be a big offer...

Banker's offer:

Howie is about to turn the offer down when the Banker rings back. He will allow Howie to play the next round one box at a time, but only on the condition that if Howie wins a blue he goes home with nothing!

Howie agrees!

Howie says 

Round 6 - Box 1

Box 4 - Lilly - £5
Game number 1423 and it's still new twists, declares Noel...

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Howie says

Round 6 - Box 2

Box 15 - Marshall - £100

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Howie's son in the audience reminds him he can't afford to go home with nothing, as his son is 19 years old the Banker says the next offer will be £19,000 if Howie goes on and finds another blue! Noel reminds him he really is playing for potentially nothing.

Howie says

Round 6 - Box 3

Box 16 - Kiran - 50p

Banker time with 10p and £50,000 remaining

The Banker isn't entirely sure how this decision is going to go...but the offer is, indeed...

Banker's offer:

Howie says

Noel opens Howie's box 18 and reveals £50,000

Angela with box 17 contains the 10p

The Banker rings and wants to give Howie a gift; a t-shirt, which has on it, "TOUGH LUCK HOWIE, YOU GET NOTHING!"

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