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Monday, October 25, 2010

Debs Deal or No Deal Game Report 25/10/10 - Trick or Treat Specials

Noel welcomes us to the Dark Woods for Trick or Treat on Deal or No Deal. All the set is dressed up appropriately, and everyone's in costume for this special week. Noel introduces us to a tree spirit in the corner of the studio which has horrible evil eyes, and it has a trick or a treat. If the player finds the treat at 5-box, they get an offer after every box and a holiday; but if they find a trick, then the evil banker will look in their box.

Debs has box 8. Noel says "how mad is this!". Debs is a part-time barmaid, and she explains she's done that for most of her life, and she loves it so much that she doesn't think of it as work. We get to see a pic of Debs before she was put into costume for this special week! Debs shows a pic of her family on a beach on holiday in Cornwall, and another pic of her with her sister at a fancy dress party for Halloween. Debs says she dressed as a vicar as people say she looks like the Vicar of Dibley.

Round 1
9 - Pat - £5
Debs says she's choosing the boxes on gut feeling.
19 - Marcel - £15,000
15 - Millie - £10,000
1 - Ann - 10p
10 - Christine - £250

Banker time
The banker says Happy Halloween to everyone! He reminds Debs that the Tree Spirit will come into play at 5-box, and Debs will choose one of its eyes - one eye has a treat behind it and if she finds it, she gets a holiday and an offer after every box; the other eye has a trick behind it and if she finds it, the banker will look in her box!

Banker's offer:

Debs says

Round 2
5 - Maryanne - £1
12 - Fadi -£75,000
Noel says that's the first major hit.
18 - Christopher - £20,000

Banker time
The banker says he loves the Dark Woods as he likes the idea of evil creatures crawling around in the undergrowth!

Banker's offer:

Noel tells people to groan properly if they're going to groan at all.

Debs says

Round 3
14 - Bonita - £5,000
20 - Jess - £10
11 - Jaron - £100

Banker time
Noel starts to play a flute but a trumpet sound comes out of it instead and plays a fanfare. The banker says this is an interesting board as it has a lot of money at the top and not much in-between.

Banker's offer:

Debs talks about what she'd do with the money, including taking her parents on holiday, and Noel says £6,000 isn't enough to do what she wants to do.

Debs says

Round 4
Noel says she's getting closer to 5-box and he reminds us of the twist. Damian now (who's wearing a pig's head!), and he says he's sweating like a pig.
3 - Damian - £500
16 - Jonathan - £100,000
Noel says Debs has a big hole down there now, but he says we mustn't forget the Tree Spirit. Noel says in the last 2 years of these Halloween specials, no-one has ever found the Trick!
Noel says Debs once did a sponsored pram-push around the village and it took 8 hours!
4 - Bryan - £1,000

Banker time
Noel thinks the banker will want to stop Debs getting to 5-box.

Banker's offer:

Debs says

Round 5
Debs says she doesn't have any superstitions concerning the numbers.
22 - Faye - £250,000
13 - Hitch - £50
Noel says this board is an extraordinary configuration.
2 - Hetty - 1p

Trick or Treat time
Debs has to choose one of the eyes on the Tree Spirit now. If it's a treat, then Debs gets an offer after every box and a holiday, but a trick allows the banker to look in her box!

Debs chooses the RED eye. Noel pulls it out of the tree and it's the TREAT

The GREEN eye contained the TRICK. Noel says we'll find out what holiday Debs has won at the end of the game.

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Noel says everything's alright as Debs found the right eye! Bryan says Debs may think about dealing with 3 to open, but she only has to open 1 before the next offer.

Debs says

Round 6 (part 1)
6 - Karen - £750

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Noel says this is great, and Debs only has to open 1 more box before the next offer.

Debs says the board looks tempting but she had 2 dreams before she came on the show, and in both dreams, she won £17,000. She says she's a calculated risk-taker and she thinks it's too big a risk to go on.

Noel starts to ask the question and the banker phones. He says he supports Debs' thinking, but he says if she takes out the 50p next, the offer will be £27,017.

Debs says

Round 6 (part 2) (proveout)
7 - Paul - £3,000

Banker time

Banker's offer would've been:

Round 6 (part 3) (proveout)
21 - Savy - £35,000

Banker time with 50p and £50,000 remaining

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel says it's only one mistake so far.

Debs has £50,000 in her box 8.

Box 17 with newbie Kat contains the 50p

Debs says she felt she went at the right time for her.

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