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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kiran's Deal or No Deal Game Report 21/10/10

Noel says "We seek him here, we seek him there, where's our first ever male quarter-millionaire?". He says he wants our first male winner before the show's 5th birthday...

Kiran has box 21. Kiran has his father in the audience today, and Noel talks to him about the origin of their surname! Kiran says he's into graphic design and printwork, and that's his main trade. Noel says Kiran has an inability to multi-task, and Kiran says he literally has to only do one thing at a time! But he says it's a good thing as he gives each thing 100%.

We get to see a pic of Kiran with his family, and another pic of his nephew.

Round 1
Kiran talks about the numbers he's keeping to the end.
8 - Marcel - £50,000
17 - Fadi - £100
Ann now, and Noel wishes her a happy birthday.
5 - Ann - £250
15 - Savy - £50
7 - Karen - £750

Banker time
The banker says this will be tricky because he has no idea about Kiran and he finds that worrying.

Banker's offer:

Kiran says

Round 2
Noel speaks to Paul and he says he has man flu, and Pat says she also has a cold.
19 - Bryan - £5,000
20 - Jess - £250,000
4 - Darren - £500

Banker time
The banker says that was very kind of Jess, but she says she felt awful.

Banker's offer:

Lots of people tut at that offer and Noel says it's a fair drop.

Kiran says

Round 3
12 - Pat - 50p
3 - Jaron - £5
Jonathan now, and Noel has a bit of banter with him and he says he'll be the first male quarter-millionaire!
2 - Jonathan - £20,000

Banker time
The banker says he feels bound to offer this.

Banker's offer:

Kiran says

Round 4
Kiran says he'd like to take his family to Tanzania, as that's where his dad was brought up, and they'd like to go back and visit the country. Kiran talks a bit about his dad's upbringing in Tanzania.
14 - Christopher - £1
6 - Lilly - £100,000
Noel says that was a big blow to the game. Noel says one of Kiran's dreams is to own his own print company.
11 - Faye - £3,000

Banker time
The banker says this is a dangerous game and he'd take this offer.

Banker's offer:

Darren says this game will swing one way or the other now and there's no in-betweens. Bryan says if that were his board, he'd say no deal. Kiran asks his dad who says he should go on a bit more.

Kiran says

Round 5
13 - Maryanne - £10
Noel says Kiran could have an amazing all-red 5-box.
1 - Millie - 10p
16 - Christine - 1p

Banker time
Noel says that was a sensational round. The banker says he thought Kiran had made a mistake by no dealing, and he's perplexed by what just happened, as it was less than a 2% chance.

Banker's offer:

Kiran gets excited about how he can go away with £1,000 minimum, and his dad says he should deal as he'll have almost nothing if he takes out the £75,000. Debs points out that if he takes out the £1,000, he's guaranteed at least £10,000, and the banker phones to say that's why he made such a big offer, and Kiran should respect his father by dealing! Bryan says he'd no deal here, and Kiran says he feels confident.

Kiran says

Round 6
18 - newbie Bonita - £75,000
Noel says it's still not over yet.
22 - Debs - £15,000
10 - Paul - £35,000

Banker time with £1,000 and £10,000 remaining

Noel says that's one of the most dramatic swings in the game that he can remember.

Banker's offer:

Kiran asks his dad for advice, and he says his box looks interesting and he should go for it.

Kiran says

Banker's offer:

Kiran says 21 means nothing to him but today is the 21st, and he says 9 is his birthday, but he's always said he'd never swap.

Kiran says

Kiran wins £10,000 from his box 21.

Box 9 with Hetty contains the £1,000

Noel says that's more than a consolation win and is a chunky sum of money

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