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Friday, October 22, 2010

Darren's Deal or No Deal Game report 22/10/10

Noel asks who else we have in the Dream factory apart from the pligrims and the contestants, and it is Lady Luck, and refers to Kiran's game where she left him in the final round and detroyed the good finish he was looking for.

Darren has box 20 today. Darren is a mobile servicing engineer and explains that he services all sorts of buildings. He has a little piece of granite with his from Aberdeen. Noel shows an X-ray of Darren's arm where he has a metal band in his arm from an accident he had, we also see a picture of Darren's wife and daughter. Darren has his wife in the audience for support, and Noel asks if she is here just as a witness or if she has a shopping list, and she replies that it is a bit of both...

Round 1
9 - £50 Newbie Hitch
11 - £500 Debs
Ann next and Noel tries to set Ann off laughing
18 - 50p Ann
19 - 1p Jonathan
16 - £10 Karen

Banker time
An all-blue opening round declares Noel. The Banker says a lot of people would give their left arm for that opening

Banker's offer:

That is fantastic and a huge offer says Darren

Darren says

Round 2
21 - £1,000 Fadi
1 - £250 Jaron
Oh boy, oh boy, do we have a game here says Noel
6 - £1 Christopher

Banker time
How on ea17:12 22/10/2010rth are you doing this asks Noel. Noel starts offering to sell Darren's lucky granite to the pilgrims Darren says he would love a hot tub in his garden and also a trip to Florida if he does well today. The Banker asks what are the chances of the studio flooding or the electricity being cut to halt this game.

Banker's offer:

I can't believe that, it is so much money says Darren. Noel says that this is the sort of money that could create DoND history. Darren talks about creating a different sort of history with a male £250,000 win

Darren says

Round 3
10 - £5,000 Millie
5 - £20,000 Byran
12 - £3,000 Christine

Banker time
The Banker says it is like being at a New Years Eve party where everyone is having a good time apart from one person who is alone sitting on the stairs, and that is him at the moment.

Banker's offer:

Darren goes to his wife who tells him to take it and run She then tells him to go to Bryan for advice, and he tells him to play on...

Darren says

Round 4
Noel tells Darren to take his time as this is one of the biggest games ever so far.
2 - £100,000 Savy
Darren says it is getting to a pivotal moment in the game now
15 - £750 Hetty
This still looks one of the strongest configurations we have ever had says Noel
17 - £100 Lilly

Banker time
Fantastic says Noel as he hugs Darren. This is just astonishing says Noel. The Banker says that was an amazing round.

Banker's offer:

Noel says the Banker just can't do anything else at the moment as lady luck is still with Darren. Darren's wife says she is speechless at the moment. Darren asks for some help as he is lost at the moment. Bryan tells him if he hits the £250,000 then he will not be offered the £30,000 again.

Darren says

Round 5
7 - £35,000 Faye
14 - £250,000 Pat
What a blow says Noel, as that means that Darren is now chasing the money.
22 - £5 Bonita

Banker time
Noel thinks this is a difficult offer for the Banker to pitch now.

Banker's offer:

4 is Darren's daughter's favourite number. Darren's wife joins him at the pound table. Jonathan asks Darren what his advice to Kiran was in this position yesterday, and he thinks he told Kiran to play on, but now he is there and can see that blue on the board it makes it harder for him.

Darren says

Round 6 - Proveout round
13 - £15,000 Maryann
8 - £75,000 Marcel
3 - £10,000 Jess

Banker time with 10p and £50,000 remaining

Noel's wonders what is in box 4. The Banker says he would have offered the SWAP.

Banker's offer:
Banker's Gamble

Darren says he is speechless. Bryan says this is a 50/50 chance to just double your money, and would you take that chance at a casino.

Darren says

Noel offers Darren the SWAP, and Darren says that he would always keep the box he was given.

Noel opens box 20 and reveals £50,000

Box 4 with Paul contains the 10p

Noel asks Darren's wife to promise that when she is enjoying the hot tub she won't ever say to Darren that he could have had £50,000!

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