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Friday, February 19, 2010

Matthew's Deal or No Deal Game Report 19/02/10

Noel says there's a strange mood at the moment because of Kevin's disappointing game yesterday. Noel says it seems to be a fact that when the players lose the big numbers early on, they're more likely to go all the way to the end.

Matthew has box 22. Matthew is a traffic officer from Bradford. Noel has a go at Matthew for being in charge of the matrix signs that are always wrong! We get to see a pic of Matthew on holiday with his best friend Paul, and another pic of him with his girlfriend and his grandmother.

Round 1
Matthew has no system.
7 - newbie Andrew - 50p
3 - Huddy - £10
6 - Steve - £1
4 - Mark - £10,000
15 - Zoe - £50,000

Banker time
Matthew asks Eric what he thinks, and he says he has a good feeling about this. He says his box 20 is good because he lives near the M20.

Banker's offer:

Matthew says

Round 2
19 - Hazel - £250,000
Noel says Matthew's attitude suggested he was going to win that!
5 - Roopa - £20,000
Noel says he doesn't like the way this is going.
17 - Kristi - £5

Banker time
Noel says Matthew once found a giraffe on the road when he was working! Matthew says it probably fell out of a car window, but they have found real ostriches on roads!

Banker's offer:

Matthew says

Round 3
Noel says Matthew tried different jobs and wanted to be a weatherman at one point! Noel gets Matthew to stand in front of the board and pretend it's a map of the UK, and do a weather report of his game. He says it'll be getting sunny later on.
18 - Jessica - £500
10 - Aimee - 10p
2 - Jenny - £75,000

Banker time
The banker says this is tricky now as Matthew is intelligent, and he's not used to seeing that in DoND contestants!

Banker's offer:

Matthew says he's always been weighing up whether he should deal early or play on into the game.

Matthew says

Round 4
20 - Eric - £3,000
Noel says the atmosphere has changed now and you can see how much the money means to Matthew.
13 - Michael - £50
8 - Ruth - £1,000

Banker time
Noel says the 1p is dominating this game and may as well have a flashing light on it! Matthew says he thinks his board is still strong. The banker says he'd deal this offer in a heartbeat.

Banker's offer:

Matthew asks Gaz, who says he's in a good position and he'd go on one more round. Matthew says he's always said if he had 3 of the power 5, he'd go on, and he'd consider £15k to be one of his power 5.

Matthew says

Round 5
9 - Brian (aka Elvis!) - £750
11 - Debs - 1p
1 - Eddie - £15,000

Banker time
The banker says he hopes Matthew realises that he can't push his luck too far.

Banker's offer:

Matthew says his board isn't a bad position to be in. Huddy offers some advice, and Andrew says Matthew could lose it all if he goes on.

Matthew says

Round 6 (proveout)
14 - May - £100,000
Noel says this is now officially a sweet game!
21 - Kim - £100
16 - Caroline - £5,000

Banker time with £250 and £35,000 remaining

Noel says the £35,000 has been playing a key part in the games lately. The banker says one of them has made a big mistake.

Banker's offer would've been:

Matthew has £250 in his box 22.

Box 12 with Gaz contains the £35,000

Noel says that's a great victory and Matthew says he feels absolutely amazing and he's had a phenomenal experience.

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