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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jo's Deal or No Deal Game Report 10/02/10

Noel gives love to the wings and eternal love to the pilgrims, although he says there is one person not loving things at the moment and that is the Banker He talks about the 'Love Throne' twist and how it helped to transform both Jean and Justin's games so far.

Jo has box 19 today. Jo is a housewife, and tells Noel that one of her children loves him and thinks he is Santa She says he is fixed to the TV for 45mins whenever the show is on and absolutely loves it. Jo would like to win enough money to take her brother on holiday as she has never been away on holiday with him. We get to see some of Jo's family photos and she says her husband is travelling down to the studios today, so is going to miss her game. Jo says she would love Noel's job and asks if she can present the show, so Noel allows her to do the show opening piece that he does at the start of every show

Jo now chooses her love god, and says she has a problem as she has chosen the person but it is not the number she wanted! But she goes for it anyway, and today's 'Love God' is Linda with box 13.

Round 1
1 - £15,000 Newbie Michael
2 - £50,000 Amiee
You've got to stop this says Noel
16 - 50p Brian
9 - £50 Eddie
11 - £1,000 Caroline

Banker time
Noel tells Jo to answer the phone as she is running the show today She says the Banker sounds angry today! Noel lifts up his toga to show us his shoes and gets a few wolf-whistles from the pligrims

Banker's offer:

Jo says

Round 2
3 - £250 Kim
Kevin next, and Noel says he looks like a really miserable cherub
5 - £10 Kevin
Noel says everything is going really well apart from Jo wanting his job
20 - £250,000 Yaser

Banker time
Noel points out the recent trend of the £250,000 leaving the game early and the 1p staying late. The Banker says he likes the story of Jo's son Jack loving the show and watching all the time, and he has a message for him and tells him how Noel looks like Santa with his beard, but also see his wings and Santa is actually dead!!

Banker's offer:

Jo says she hasn't got a target. Noel says she is lying as she has a target of his job! Jo picks Clive next, and Noel starts to tell him to open the box until people start to call out that Jo hasn't answered the question yet! The Banker calls and says Noel is fired!

Jo says

Round 3
4 - £750 Clive
15 - £5 Steve
7 - 1p Emiliana

Banker time
The Banker tells Noel that he is going to tell Noel an amount of money now and Jo has to tell him what she wants to do

Banker's offer:

Jo says

Round 4
17 - £100,000 Zoe
Ohhh Errrr says Noel
10 - 10p Gaz
6 - £35,000 Ruth

Banker time
Things are a little precarious now says Noel and the Banker will be happy. The Banker is a little nervous that Jo could just open 1 box now.

Banker's offer:

Jo goes to Linda for some advice and she says that she could go at least one more box before using Linda as the 'Love God'.

Jo says

Round 5
12 - £5,000 Eric
That is OK says Jo...
18 - £3,000 Chris
This is very interesting now says Noel.
8 - £20,000 Matthew

Banker time
This is a little uncomfortable now says Noel, but reminds Jo that she still has her 'Love God' to play if she wishes.

Banker's offer:

Jo says that is masses of money. Noel asks if it is time for prudence or time for a gamble. Jo says she hates 13 which is her 'Love God' and is really scared of it. She talks about being really afraid of having to chase the game if she takes out the top number. The Banker calls and says if Jo plays on and the 'Love God' is blue he will offer £16,500, and if she finds the £75,000 it will probably be £1,600.

Jo says

Round 6 - Proveout round
Jo now chooses her 'Love God' - Noel tells Linda that as it isn't live play she can't have a chance at winning a holiday.
13 - £500 - Linda - 'Love God'

Banker time

Banker's offer would've been:

Round 6 - Proveout boxes
14 - £100 Davey
21 - £10,000 Debs

Banker time with £1 and £75,000 remaining

Noel says this is amazing as it is nearly the same as Justin's game.

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel opens box 19 and reveals £1

Hazel with box 22 contains the £75,000

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