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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Clive's Deal or No Deal Game Report 17/02/10

Noel says we are having some amazing games at the moment and talks about Linda's game yesterday where the gambler Linda got it wrong and missed out on £100,000. He runs then through the fears of some of the contestants.

Clive has box 21 today. Clive is a market trader from Leeds. Noel jokes he is 78 years old and Clive says that it is the stripped shirts that keep him young looking Clive tells the story of how he started as a market trader. Clive has a teapot with him and tells how he won it on a local radio show and it's the only thing he has ever won and he only got it by getting a question wrong 3 times and the radio host let him have the teapot anyway. We get to see some of Clive's family pictures. Clive has a little bit of a gameplan.

Round 1
Clive points out his friends who are in the audience for support today, but he also asks for lots of help from all the pilgrims.
20 - £10 Matthew
19 - £15,000 May
Hazel next and she thinks Clive looks like Norris from Coronation street
14 - £5,000 Hazel
6 - £100 Mark
Gaz next and Noel says he thinks he is the most gorgeous player they have ever had on the show!
4 - £5 Gaz

Banker time
Noel says he was hoping for a round like that as he was looking forward to some bartering and trading between Clive and the Banker. The Banker says he admires Clive for keeping up the British tradition of selling tat from the back of a van

Banker's offer:

Clive says that is a great sum of money but he is in this for the long haul

Clive says

Round 2
16 - £1 Jenny
Clive wonders around and falls off the edge of the walk of wealth!
18 - 1p Kevin
Clive and Kevin have a big run up the walk of wealth for their hug and 1p kiss!
2 - £500 Ruth

Banker time
The Banker says that Clive needs a stooge to come along and make an offer for the box to help him get some really good offers, he then winds up Clive about his break link that went wrong.

Banker's offer:

Clive says that is fantastic and he could really do with that money at the moment.

Clive says

Round 3
12 - £750 Caroline
That is 6 blues in a row says Noel, and Clive replies that he wants to make it 10.
17 - £50 Zoe
9 - 50p Debs

Banker time
This is fantastic says Noel. The Banker says he didn't want this to happen today.

Banker's offer:

That is a good offer says Clive, but it is also a mega board and he wants to be the first £250,000 winner.

Clive says

Round 4
Noel says this is one record that they thought would never be broken and now Clive could equal it with another blue.
3 - £10,000 Kristi
13 - £100,000 Kim
Noel says he has gone a little nervous now and he hopes the £100,000 going was a blip
11 - £75,000 Eric

Banker time
The Banker says now he can see a big hole in the board and thinks there is a chance of a deal.

Banker's offer:

Noel says he doesn't think he has seen that before where the Banker has stuck with so much money going in a round. Clive goes to his mate in the audience who tells Clive he should try and barter with the Banker. The Banker calls and says he isn't going to fall for that.

Clive says

Round 5
Clive says these are the numbers that mean something to him now.
1 - £250,000 Eddie
5 - £20,000 Brian
10 - £3,000 Newbie Huddy

Banker time
That board will still give the Banker something to think about says Noel. The Banker describes this offer as respectful for someone who has turned down £20,000 twice

Banker's offer:

Clive says

Round 6
Noel tells Clive he needs to stop the rot now. Clive starts up a blue chant!
8 - £1,000 Aimee
You really need this to be a blue says Noel, and very muffled blue chant starts again.
22 - 10p Jessica
Clive says he really thinks he has a blue in his box and really hopes for a swap now! The Banker calls and says there will be no swap for Clive but he will now offer

Banker's offer:

Clive says he would prefer to have a swap. The Banker calls back and says that is why he isn't offering the swap! He then says he will increase the offer!

Banker's offer:

Clive says

Round 6 - Final box
7 - £50,000 Steve

Banker with £250 and £35,000 remaining

The Banker asks Clive how much he wants for his box, and Clive replies £18,000. The Banker says he isn't stupid

Banker's offer:

Clive says that box 15 means so much to him.

Clive says

Noel opens box 21 and reveals £35,000

You were wrong, wrong, wrong says Noel....

Box 15 with Michael contains the £250

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