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Friday, February 26, 2010

Gaz's Deal or No Deal Game Report 26/02/10

Noel says this is an important time as we're having a sensational week this week. He says the luck is proving to be very robust at the moment, and the banker has had to use his 'governor' offer twice this week.

Gaz has box 16. Gareth is from County Durham and is a student studying physiotherapy. He explains that he's injured his ankle due to dancing the other night! His brother is in the audience. We get to see a pic of Gaz's girlfriend and a good luck card with some numbers on it. Gaz also shows a pic of some people who helped get him back on track after he went off the rails a bit, and another pic of his parents, and he gets a bit emotional as he explains he's here to get money to help his dad. Gaz also has an envelope with him which says "Do not open until the end" on it...

Round 1
The numbers 3, 1, 8, 14 are on the good luck card and he wonders when to choose them.
5 - Roopa - £15,000
2 - Jessica - £75,000
3 - Michael - £10
Eric now and he thanks Gaz for the nights out!
11 - Eric - £250,000
Noel says this is frightening as the big values always go when the box openers are complimentary!
18 - Brian - £5

Banker time
The banker says that was a great relief as he knew Gaz would go for the £250k if it was on the board.

Banker's offer:

Noel asks Gaz what's special about 8. Gaz says explains that some of his mates said 8 was a powerful number and he looked into it and he believes them!

Gaz says

Round 2
13 - Jenny - £1,000
22 - Nicola - £35,000
BLEURGH says Noel.
Andrew now, and Noel asks Andrew to be more positive and not act as though he's at a funeral.
19 - Andrew - £3,000

Banker time
The banker's laughing to himself at that all-red round. Gaz says he might walk, given the right offer.

Banker's offer:

Noel says that's remarkable as Gaz has blown holes in his reds.

Gaz says

Round 3
Newbie Tony now, and Noel has some banter with him about where he comes from and his work as a plumber!
20 - newbie Tony - £500
Gaz asks his brother for a number, and he comes down from the audience and shakes Noel's hand and says he's a legend! Gaz's brother stays by the pound table, so Noel goes and sits in the audience.
6 - Brad - £100
15 - Dan - £50

Banker time
The banker says the lunatics are taking over the asylum, and he thinks he's playing the Chuckle Brothers now. He says this offer is to you, to you, to you, to you, to you, to you.

Banker's offer:

Gaz says he'd give the money to his parents if he dealt, and would give some to his brother and keep a bit for himself.

Gaz says

Round 4
1 - Kim - £50,000
9 - Hazel - £10,000
NO!!! shouts Noel.
Noel makes a joke about Gaz and his brother being like Jedward.
12 - Neide - £5,000

Banker time
Noel says the banker doesn't really have a cause for concern with this board. The banker says he thinks Gaz is not reckless but is determined.

Banker's offer:

Noel says that offer deserves a gasp with that board and Noel says it's phenomenal. Nicola says he has lots of blues to hit and Gaz agrees. Gaz discusses it with his brother and they discuss what the bigger regret would be.

Gaz says

Round 5
Gaz says he wants a quickie.
21 - Ruth - 10p
4 - Huddy - 1p
17 - May - £1

Banker time
The studio goes wild over that all-blue quickie round. The banker says it was the longest 10 seconds of his life.

Banker's offer:

Huddy says to win big, you need to take a gamble, and he thinks Gaz has just made that gamble. He says he should bail out now, as the offer on blue vs £100k won't be much more than the current offer. Noel asks in the audience who would deal, and almost all of them would deal.

Gaz says

Round 6
Gaz says he knows people will think he's greedy, but he says he's not greedy and just wants to change his life.
14 - Steve - £250
10 - Mark - £100,000
BIG gasps from the audience, and Gaz lies down on the floor before hugging his brother...
Gaz wonders whether to pick box 8 now or not.
8 - Shahid - £20,000

Banker time with 50p and £750 remaining

Huddy says £750 is still a good holiday. The banker says he knew he'd need to make Gaz make good offers, and he feels Gaz has beaten him as he couldn't stop him!

Banker's offer:

Gaz says

Gaz wins £750 from his box 16
Box 7 with Kristi contains the 50p

Gaz shows the envelope which mustn't be opened until the end. Gaz opens it and it contains a piece of paper with the number 8 on it.

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