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Monday, February 01, 2010

Laura's Deal or No Deal Game Report 01/02/10

Noel welcomes us to the start of a new month in the Dream Factory and says he never really likes to repeat himself, but last week he predicted a great week of shows and it panned out to be a great week and the current contestant seem determined to make the most of their moment, so this week should give more of the same.

Laura has box 7 today. Noel has to run up the walk of wealth to rescue Laura's pictures as she drops them, we then get to see the picture of her mum and dad, and she has her mum in the audience for support today. Noel asks Laura about her interest in neuroscience, and she also tells us about her travelling plans. Laura then reveals that she would love to get married which gets a shocked reaction from her mum Noel says she can guarantee a proposal by winning loads of money today!

Round 1
Noel gets Linda to repeat Laura's name 3 times followed by 'money', and then thanks Cilla (Black) for joining them today
5 - £250 Linda
8 - 1p Zoe
12 - £50,000 Debs
17 - £100 Joyce
13 - £5,000 Kevin

Banker time
The Banker says that it is Yaser's birthday today, and was thrown that it was Laura's game today as he wasn't expecting it. He wonders which Laura has turned up today, the clear minded one or the dippy one!

Banker's offer:

Laura says

Round 2
10 - £750 Aimee
18 - £100,000 Dawn
22 - £1,000 Davey

Banker time
The Banker thinks that Laura's mum is looking a little more confident now.

Banker's offer:

Laura starts to pick the box for the next round without Noel even asking the question!

Laura says

Round 3
1 - 10p Yaser
3 - £15,000 Dave
9 - £5 Newbie Caroline

Banker time
That was a really important box says Noel, and the Banker says that was a blow from the newbie

Banker's offer:

Laura goes to Becca for some advice.

Laura says

Round 4
Jean next and she struggles with her box and says she always gets that stiff one, which has the whole studio in fits of laughter
6 - £20,000 Jean
15 - £35,000 Emiliana
16 - 50p Jo

Banker time
We are doing alright now says Noel, and it is 4-4. The Banker says that the name Laura really puts a shiver down his spine.

Banker's offer:

Laura turns to her mum for advice, and then Laura reveals that the offer is very close to what she wanted! The Banker calls and tells Laura to tell him what amount she really wants and he will consider it, but everyone shouts out and tells her not to tell him! The Banker says that is Laura plays on and doesn't take out the £250,000 then the next offer will be at least £20,000. Noel tells her she will be very unlucky to take out the top 2 in the next round, and others tell her this is really a gamblers board now. Jo tells her that the moment you really stop and think about the offer is really the moment you should deal.

Laura says

Round 5 - Proveout round
19 - £3,000 Clive
11 - £500 Chris
No, no, no says Noel
20 - £75,000 Becca

Banker time
Noel doesn't think Laura would have earned any bravery money in this offer as she wobbled over the last offer

Banker's offer would've been:

The Banker asks Laura what her target was and Laura tells him it was £20,000

Round 6 - Proveout round
4 - £10,000 Eddie
2 - £10 Justin

No, no, no says Noel...

The Banker calls back and says that this is exciting and then asks Laura if she would like the chance to win £20,000! Laura asks what she has to do, and the Banker tells her if she gives up her £15,000 and the next box is £250,000 he will give her £20,000, but if it is not the £250,000 he will give her £12,500.

Banker's offer:

Banker's special gamble

Noel says this is a brilliant end to the game. Laura says that £12,500 is still a lot of money

Laura says

Round 6 - final box
14 - £1 Matt

Banker time with £50 and £250,000 remaining

Laura loses £2,500 and the Banker is laughing down the phone!

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel says that Laura has another decision as she would have been offered the SWAP, but Laura says she wouldn't have swapped.

Noel opens box 7 and reveals £50

Matthew with box 21 contains the £250,000

Laura goes home with £12,500

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