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Friday, October 02, 2009

Rob's Deal or No Deal Game Report 02/10/09

Noel says we've had some classic games recently, and he runs through Suzi's and Tracey's amazing games. Noel wonders if the audience will get to choose the boxes today!

Rob has box 8.

Noel says Rob is a determined young man. Rob tells us how he was on a camping holiday, and he had a 40ft fall which damaged his spine and neck. He says you make the best of whatever situation you face. He's very into disability sports, including wheelchair racing and wheelchair rugby. Noel says how Rob completed a wheelchair marathon and nearly broke a record!

Rob's fiancee is in the audience today. Rob shows a pic of his racing chair, and some more pics of his family. He explains how he can walk short distances with the aid of crutches.

Round 1
Rob doesn't have a system.
22 - newbie Nicholas - £250
17 - Cal - £250,000
1 - Carol - £5,000
18 - Mary - £50,000
Sucks of air greet that box!
11 - Russ - £35,000
Ahh dear, says Rob... Noel says that was ghastly!

Banker time
The banker gives Noel a very bubbly "Hello"! All the other contestants have hats to wear in honour of Rob! Noel also has to wear all the hats that Rob has worn!!

Banker's offer:

Rob says

Round 2
5 - Bessie - £10
15 - Gary - £500
Noel says Rob is an inspiration, and is pleased that he's here.
4 - Marie - £100,000

Banker time
Noel says it's not how you start, it's how you finish, and Rob could still win £75k. The banker says he loves Rob!

Banker's offer:

Rob says

Round 3
Noel gets Michelle to take her hat off, and then all the contestants pass their hat to the left and give it to the person next to them! Noel changes his hat, and is now wearing the Leprechaun hat Rob asks his fiancee to choose a box and she says 12.
12 - Kerry - 1p
13 - Sharna - £10,000
Noel says no come on, this is silly!! Rob asks his fiancee again, and it's 2 now.
2 - Kate - £1,000

Banker time
The banker says Noel makes an excellent leprechaun!

Banker's offer:

Rob's fiancee reminds him not to only look at the £75k. He says he's here for more than £3k.

Rob says

Round 4
Noel orders another rotation of the hats, and this time it's the jester hat for him
3 - Laura - £5
21 - Hassan - £1
Rob talks about his disability sports involvement.
6 - James - £100

Banker time
The banker talks to Rob, and Rob says the offer needs to be pretty good to get him to deal!

Banker's offer:

His fiancee says he thought he'd go higher but it's getting higher. Rob points out there are 3 values higher on the board.

Rob says

Round 5
Noel orders another hat rotation! He's now wearing the hat which the banker claimed was his old nappy
7 - Sid - £20,000
14 - Ginette - £50
10 - David - £15,000

Banker time
Noel says this offer will be pitched to give maximum discomfort! Rob's fiancee joins him at the pound table... the banker realises that Rob is wearing the coat he was wearing when he had the accident, and you can see the stitches in the back where the rip was repaired.

Banker's offer:

The others tell him that would be a nice sum of money to help him with his wedding. Noel says Rob could spank the banker if he dealt, as this is the peak of his game so far.

Rob says

Round 6
Noel orders another hat rotation and this time he's wearing a hard hat! He gets out a fancy dress hat for Rob's fiancee
20 - Dan - £3,000
9 - Michelle - £75,000
19 - Martin - 10p

Banker time with 50p and £750 remaining

Noel says the banker's been SPANKED! However the banker says he put nits in the hats

Banker's offer would've been:

Rob has 50p in his box 8

16 - Stephen - £750

Rob says that was a good game and he's happy with that....

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