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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

David's Deal or No Deal Game Report 28/10/09

Noel says we had an astonishing game with Lillian yesterday, and says how for the 2nd time in a row, the TRICK was found.

Trick or Treat Twist
The portraits and ashes of the banker's grandparents are on a mantelpiece at the side of the studio. At 5-box, the player gets an opportunity to choose between two urns. If they find the urn that contains a TREAT, there's a wonderful surprise for them, and they get an offer after every box. If the player finds a TRICK, the banker gets to look in the player's box box and there'll be no offer after every box, but they will be guaranteed the SWAP at 2-box.

David has box 5.

David is a kids sports coach mentor from Middlesex. He has no-one in the audience with him today, and explains his dad didn't want to come today. He shows a pic of his mum, dad and brother and another pic of his granddad. He lives in Ireland, so he wants money to go and see him.

Round 1
Noel asks Terry why he looks mean, and he says he's worried about having a large red again.
2 - Caz - £500
11 - Ginge - £1,000
1 - Alex - £5,000
16 - Paul - 10p
David explains he has some numbers he wants to keep...
18 - Elaine - £10

Banker time
The banker says it looks like David's been eating a lot of chocolate. He says he feels very paternal with David, and he talks about the relationship he had with his grandfather. His name was Titus Aduxas (tight as a duck's ass).

Banker's offer:

David says that's great.

David says

Round 2
15 - Dickie - £1
4 - Craig - £5
Noel talks about how the banker has said he'd never lie in front of his grandparents' spirits.
6 - Shaz - 50p

Banker time
Noel says what a great game so far! The banker says this is a horror for him, and the spirits of his grandparents are angry. He's focussing on the 1p, and is looking forward to adding David to the 1p players painting.

Banker's offer:

David says that's another great offer.

David says

Round 3
17 - Sarah - £50
10 - Roli - 1p
Noel gets Roli to give David a big 1p kiss... he says David's had 7 blues in a row and the record is 9.
19 - Roy - £100,000

Banker time
David says his board is still looking pretty good.

Banker's offer:

Gary reminds David to be careful, as the reds are bound to start going soon.

David says

Round 4
3 - Debs - £75,000
Noel says this looks and feels very different now.
20 - Rio - £50,000
Ooh wow, says Noel...Noel says if this next box is the £250k, it's the worst run of boxes ever.
21 - Lucy - £100

Banker time
The banker looks forward to getting his 3rd TRICK in a row at 5-box...

Banker's offer:

Noel says that's extraordinary, and says the banker changed his mind at the last minute. David asks Gary, who says what he thought would happen did happen, and it could happen again. Rio compares the game to a football game and says the final whistle hasn't blown yet.

David says

Round 5
13 - Gary - £3,000
Noel says that's fine.
7 - Owain - £250
Noel says we're one box away from a sensational 5-box.
9 - Bibs - £35,000

Trick / treat time...

David chooses the GRANDMOTHER urn...

Noel opens it to reveal TRICK

3 in a row for the banker.

The GRANDFATHER urn contains TREAT.

David's box is removed and the banker looks in it. It's returned with the banker's seal. Noel says it doesn't mean it's all over for David. The banker says David has a red in his box. He speaks to David...

Banker's offer:

The banker says he wouldn't lie about David's box contents. He phones back and says he'll edge the offer up.

Banker's offer:

Noel wonders if that means David has the £250k, and the banker's scared. The banker phones again and he says he made a mistake!

Banker's offer:

The others remind David the banker might be lying...

David says

Round 6
Noel says £40k at the age of 23 is very good news!
12 - Terry - £750
Noel says David is still ahead now.
22 - newbie Anita - £20,000
"OOOH NO" shouts Noel. He wonders if this could be a mega bluff from the banker.
14 - Ceri - £10,000

Banker time with £15,000 and £250,000 remaining.

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel says David is guaranteed the SWAP. David would've said SWAP.

Noel swaps David's box 5 for box 8.

David has £15,000 in his new box 8.

5 - Mary - £250,000

The banker was telling the truth that David brought £250k to the table! Noel says the banker saved himself a lot of money, but he says what a great win David got.

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