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Friday, October 16, 2009

Marie's Deal or No Deal Game Report 16/10/09

Noel says how he's only just got his hearing back after Kate's loud game yesterday. He says how the banker passed through the £18 million milestone yesterday. Noel thinks the banker will try to avoid offering money from today.

Marie has box 21.

Marie is a dietician assistant from Wales and he speaks a bit about her job. Her husband Alan is in the audience today, and he says he met her through his work, as she lived in a council house and he went to inspect her chimney. Noel says he also creeped into her bathroom to look for men's toiletries to see if she was single.

She shows a pic of her late grandfather, and has his prayer book with her. She has a poem for the banker which she reads out...

Round 1
3 - Lucy - £5
Aurora now, and Noel asks how Sid is. She says he has a lot of money so will see him again!
9 - Aurora - 50p
6 - Sarah - £50
14 - Carol - £10
"Wow, ooh" says Noel. He talks about an all-blue opening round...
12 - Ginge - £10,000
Noel jinxed it!!

Banker time
The banker says he's not confident today because of the big values Marie has had on the wings. He has a poem for Marie which Noel reads out... the banker will play dirty as he has problems with women from Wales!

Banker's offer:

Marie says that's a respectable offer.

Marie says

Round 2
15 - Terry - £1
Cal now, and Marie gets him to do his pigeon impression
4 - Cal - £15,000
Noel says the banker's worried now.
1 - Nicholas - £250

Banker time
Noel winds the banker up about the Welsh connection, and he tells Noel to shut his face!

Banker's offer:

Noel says this is steadily climbing.

Marie says

Round 3
20 - Roli - £250,000
Never mind, says Marie...
2 - Roy - £20,000
5 - Laura - £5,000

Banker time
The banker knows about how Marie wanted to phone Swap Shop when she was a girl but she didn't have a phone! She used the local payphone and after she'd used it, she smeared the earpiece in dog poo The banker says he did the same thing to DoND's phone

Banker's offer:
£9,000 + disinfectant for Noel

Noel talks about the strength of the block of reds. He asks Debs what she thinks and she says she's prayed for Marie...

Marie says

Round 4
7 - Debs - £35,000
10 - Lillian - £100,000
"OH wow" says Noel. He says this is an astonishing turnaround after the good start.
13 - Hassan - £500

Banker time
The banker says "Kerching" as it's swung in his favour now. He focusses on the 1p and 10p...

Banker's offer:

The banker says the 1p and 10p prevented the offer from being an amount in the gap on the right. Gary says there are 6 disposable amounts on the board.

Marie says

Round 5
18 - Gary - 10p
22 - David - £75,000
8 - Dan - £3,000

Banker time
Noel says the 1p is acting like an anchor. He tries to recall the last time we inducted 2 members to the 1p club in one week!! He recognises how Marie has destroyed other games by having high values... he says there's an over 60% chance that the £50k will be removed now.

Banker's offer:

Marie says that's still respectable considering the board. She brings her husband down to the pound table, and he says she might have £50k in the box. Marie wants to know how often she's had the 1p and the £50k. The banker phones - she's had the 1p once and the £50k once. He says this game smells worse than a Welsh telephone receiver. Dan says this is a gambler's board...

Marie says

Round 6
11 - Owain - £750
19 - Paul - £1,000
The extra heartbeats play...
17 - Elaine - £50,000

Banker time with 1p and £100 remaining

This would've been £11,000 if she'd chosen the other box.

Banker's offer:

Marie says she wants the 1p now!

Marie says

Marie wins £100 from box 21.

16 - Bessie - 1p

Marie says she's gutted but she's had a fantastic time...

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