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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Michelle's Deal or No Deal Game Report 13/10/09

Noel says how the pilgrims come from a long way, and he thinks today's game will build on Sharna's yesterday. He says she made a mistake as she could've had £20k, but knew when to stop.

Michelle has box 1.

Michelle is a mobile hairdresser and she says Noel's hair is pretty good! She's a fan of bingo, and once found £10 whilst walking to a chip shop! She went to bingo and put the money on, and she won £1,000... She shows a pic of her 2 daughters, and another pic of her parents. Michelle's husband is in the audience today... she says her box 1 is her birthday, and is leaving a few numbers.

Round 1
2 - Nicholas - £1,000
Lillian now, and Noel says there was an incident where Lillian and Bessie ended up in a naughty shop!
4 - Lillian - £35,000
Elaine now, and Noel asks her to pull various silly faces
12 - Elaine - £10,000
8 - David - £1
17 - Sarah - 10p

Banker time
The banker says he has his head polished as he has no hair... he says there were some biggies in that round, and Noel says no, there was ONE biggie!

Banker's offer:

Michelle says that's excellent.

Michelle says

Round 2
Owain now, and Noel makes fun of the colours he wears. He then picks on Cal, and says he'll give them £5 to buy some new clothes!
14 - Owain - £50
Noel then says he'll accompany Owain and Cal on their clothes trip, and he then picks on Dan's clothing
10 - Bessie - 50p
Noel notices Michelle's cue card says "husband Ray" and "husband Andre"! Michelle explains his real name is actually Andre, and Noel makes fun of his Birmingham accent. He then has a go at him for not mending a hole back at their house!
3 - Aurora - £100

Banker time
Noel says he can see Ray's hole being filled.

Banker's offer:

Michelle says

Round 3
15 - Dan - £50,000
11 - Carol - £250,000
13 - Roy - £75,000

Banker time
Noel says the shape of the game has suddenly changed. The banker finds that hilarious... he comments on Carol's reaction to opening the £250k, and says how she's wrecked Michelle's life!

Banker's offer:

Michelle says that's fair enough after that round... her husband says we need more than that to fill their hole

Michelle says

Round 4
Marie now, and Noel talks about her reputation for having big values...
5 - Marie - £750
18 - Gary - £500
9 - Kate - £100,000

Banker time
Noel says this is a very differently shaped game now. The banker says that was the 5th red in a row for Kate. He says Michelle's husband will end up begging for hardcore to fill his hole

Banker's offer:
£100 + a packet of gravel

Michelle says

Round 5
Noel says he thought Michelle was about to say deal then!
19 - Roli - £20,000
16 - Hassan - £15,000
Noel says that is beyond comprehension.
20 - Laura - £5

Banker time
The banker says he almost feels sorry for the player sometimes... he says the odds of that were hundreds to 1. He's excited about seeing the 23rd member of the 1p club being created today.

Banker's offer:

Michelle decides to give it a whirl.

Michelle says

Round 6
6 - Sid - £250
Michelle is keeping 22.
7 - Debs - £3,000
21 - newbie Lucy - £10

Banker time with 1p and £5,000 remaining

Banker's offer:

Michelle talks about box 22.

Michelle says

The banker phones and concedes Michelle has been unlucky...

Banker's offer:

Michelle talks about how the number 22 has been important to her...

Michelle says

Noel swaps her box 1 for Cal's box 22...

Michelle wins 1p from her new box 22

Noel says Michelle is number 23 of the 1p club.

1 - now with Cal - £5,000

Noel says that was relentless bad luck, and there wasn't a lot that could be done about it...

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