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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lillian's Deal or No Deal Game Report 27/10/09

Noel says that normally the most important question on the show is Deal or No Deal, but yesterday Hassan's most important question was Swap or No Swap as he found the Trick in the twist and played to end in an all or nothing finish where the SWAP played a big part.

Trick or Treat Twist
The portraits and ashes of the banker's grandparents are on a mantelpiece at the side of the studio. At 5-box, the player gets an opportunity to choose between two urns. If they find the urn that contains a TREAT, there's a wonderful surprise for them, and they get an offer after every box. If the player finds a TRICK, the banker gets to look in the player's box box and there'll be no offer after every box, but they will be guaranteed the SWAP at 2-box.

Lillian has box 20 today, and she nearly puts the box on the table the wrong way around. She is a lollipop lady and gets a big cheer for that. Noel says that Lillian's list of wants is so long that she had to write it on a toilet roll

We get to see some of Lillian's pics and she also has a lollipop that has Deal/No Deal written on each side Lillian then unrolls her wants list She has £10 for her husband at the very bottom Noel reads through some of the other things that Lillian has on her shopping list....

Round 1
17 - £250,000 Ceri
What a box to start your game with says Noel
3 - £50 Owain
That's better says Noel
16 - £250 Sarah
Noel points out that Bibs is off ill today and Roli will open her box.
13 - 1p Caz
14 - 50p Gary

Banker time
Well that is very good says Noel as the £250,000 would have been too much for Lillian anyway! The Banker thought that everyone would think he was lying when he said Hassan had a red in his box, but no-one fell for his trick.

Banker's offer:

Lillian says

Round 2
11 - £15,000 Craig
12 - £10,000 Dickie
7 - 10p Roy

Banker time
The Banker says that all the portraits around the studio hang in his study and he then points out the picture of all the 1p club members and says they had to quickly add in Aurora to it!

Banker's offer:

Noel runs through some of the things on Lillian's list...

Lillian says

Round 3
21 - £20,000 Roli or Rolo as Lillian calls him!
4 - £10 Mary
15 - £100 Rio

Banker time
The Banker heard that Bibs was unwell and has sent his private doctor to attend to her, and she makes a great recovery and returns to the wings

Banker's offer:

Noel checks Lillian's list again!

Lillian says

Round 4
19 - £1,000 Bibs
10 - £5 David
8 - £3,000 Paul

Banker time
Noel wonders if the Banker can stop Lillian getting to 5-box. The Banker thinks that Lillian is embarrasing him in front of his relatives, and he has to get this offer just right to stop her getting to the Trick or Treat twist

Banker's offer:

Lillian says

Round 5
2 - £50,000 Ginge
5 - £500 Alex
This next box can make a huge difference says Noel
18 - £100,000 Terry

Banker time
What a rotten round says Noel... Lillian says that she predicted she would win £75,000 today, and Noel asks her more about this prediction...
Lillian now chooses between the two urns...
Lillian picks Granmama which contains TRICK
Granpapa contains TREAT

Sir Deal-a-lot now takes away Lillian's box to the Banker so he can see the contents! The Banker says that if Lillian turns down this offer she will make a massive mistake, and he will never lie in front of his relatives...

Banker's offer:

Lillian says she can do a lot with that, but doesn't know if she can trust the Banker or not with his mind games...

Lillian says

Proveout Round 6
22 - £35,000 Lucy
1 - £5,000 Debs
It is all on this box says Noel...
9 - £1 Newbie Shaz

Banker time with £750 and £75,000 remaining

Noel reminds Lillian about the prediction of winning £75,000... The Banker says he would never lie in front of his relatives

Banker's offer:

Noel points out that Lillian is guaranteed the SWAP because she found the TRICK... Noel talks about having the courage to go for it...

Lillian says

Noel plays out the game as it would have been played and asks SWAP or NO SWAP

Lillian says

Noel opens box 20 and reveals £75,000

There is total shock in the studio... Lillian says she just wasn't strong enough to risk it...

Elaine opens box 6 and reveals £750

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