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Friday, October 23, 2009

Dan's Deal or No Deal Game Report 23/10/09

Noel says there's a small number of strange people who like to see the expression of the player as they get selected to play! He talks about the various types of reactions...

Dan has box 1.

Dan is from the West Midlands and he is at college studying animal management. He worked in the prison service but fancied a change of career. He likes reptiles, so Noel says he's in a good position to take on the banker. We see a pic of Dan holding a python and another pic of Dan's baby daughter. Dan's other half Lorna is in the audience today.

Round 1
Dan is playing it randomly with no system.
11 - Terry - £750
7 - Sarah - 1p
4 - Hassan - £35,000
19 - Lucy - £75,000
Oh dear oh dear, says Dan!
20 - Alex - £15,000

Banker time
The banker says he had a terrible night as he kept thinking of the mistake he made by Carol where he wasted £4k! He says he had a dream that someone from the Midlands won the £250k. He thinks that's an omen...

Banker's offer:

Dan says he didn't expect that much.

Dan says

Round 2
Roli now, and Noel talks about how Roli had a good night because he went to bed!
3 - Roli - £250,000
14 - Caz - £10
Noel says Dan can manage animals but isn't managing the banker well at the moment.
21 - Paul - £50

Banker time
Noel says he's going to unsettle the banker now. He reminds him of yesterday's game and rubs it in how he unnecessarily increased the offer for Carol! The banker hangs up...

He phones back and talks to Dan as he's not talking to Noel! Noel gets upset and sits in the corner of the studio! The banker tells Noel to get stuffed...

Banker's offer:

Dan says

Round 3
Noel now sits in the audience...
2 - Rio - £1
A woman in the audience is now arm-in-arm with Noel
12 - Ceri - 10p
18 - Elaine - £50,000

Banker time
Dan answers the phone. The banker says there's an excellent opportunity here, as Noel doesn't always pass on everything he says! The banker claims that Noel drinks, has a foot fetish and steals things from the set!

Banker's offer:

Dan says he wasn't expecting that. The woman in the audience asks Dan the question!

Dan says

Round 4
15 - David - £10,00
Noel asks what is it with Dan!!
10 - Lillian - £100,000
Dan asks if we can rewind and start again! Lillian talks about Dan's predictions and how he often predicts the colour of the value in a box...
17 - Roy - £500

Banker time
Dan answers the phone again. The banker is about to tell everyone the biggest secret he knows about Noel, so Noel hangs the phone up! The banker phones back and Noel answers and they call a truce.

Banker's offer:

Gary says he thinks there's one more round in it.

Dan says

Round 5
5 - Ginge - £3,000
Noel says we needed to hold on to that.
9 - Debs - £5
8 - Bibs - £100

Banker time
The banker says there's still a long way to go.

Banker's offer:

Dan says that's a good offer for the board. Dan's wife says it's a good offer and talks about how he has box 1 left which is his birthday. She joins him at the pound table... Dan says the money would make a significant difference to their lives but he has a good feeling about his box.

Dan says

Round 6
16 - Gary - £250
13 - Aurora - £20,000
6 - newbie Mary - £5,000

Banker time with 50p and £1,000 remaining

The banker says he's feeling a lot better now as he's won this game!

Banker's offer:

Noel says you can do a lot with £220.

Dan says

The banker phones and says the Channel 4 lawyers have told him to retract what he said about Noel having a drink problem and stealing, but he says he still has a foot fetish!

Banker's offer:

Dan says

Dan wins £1,000 from his box 1.

22 - Owain - 50p

Noel says Dan was right that he had a red in his box, and Dan says he's had a great time and is pleased with his £1,000.

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