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Sunday, October 04, 2009

James' Deal or No Deal Game Report 04/10/09

Noel says he can guarantee we'll be excited today. He says how somehow, the contestants are bonding in a way that is producing some amazing games at the moment. He says how Rob got a banker spanking on Friday!

James has box 17.

Noel says this should be interesting James is a plumber from Manchester. He became a plumber so he could spend more time with his dog! Noel shows a pic of James's dog, and another of him at his wedding with his wife. His wife is in the audience today, and she is due to give birth in 3 weeks' time. Noel's worried that she'll give birth during the show

James has a card with numbers on it, and he's charted the numbers every day before he went to Bristol. He's convinced that there's a pattern where certain boxes have big numbers!

James says he's watched and tracked about 50 games, and thinks there's a pattern...

Round 1
22 - Ginette - £1,000
21 - Kerry - £750
20 - Sid - £20,000
15 - Michelle - £500
14 - Nicholas - £50,000

Banker time
James says that was an average opening round. The banker laughs at James's average system James comes back and says it's not how you start, it's how you finish! The banker says he'll finish average... every offer will be accompanied with an interesting fact in James's honour... Worldwide, right-handed people live on average 10 years longer than left-handed people!

Banker's offer:

Noel talks about the baby's name, and wonders if they'll call it Noel James says he will call it Noel if he wins the £250k!

James says

Round 2
13 - Kate - £250
3 - Laura - £75,000
"OH that's not funny!" shouts Noel...
Noel talks about James's system again
2 - Bessie - £5,000

Banker time
The banker talks about James's system representing the chaos theory. Noel has a go at the audience for giggling!

Banker's offer:

Noel wonders what baby things they could spend the money on, and gives some advice about the baby products they could get He then goes on about how quickly he changed nappies when he had his 4 girls

James says

Round 3
James says he doesn't like number 1.
1 - David - £35,000
Noel says James hasn't touched any of the banker power 5 yet
5 - Stephen - 1p
Noel tempting fate the good way there... Gary now and Noel talks about how he's a firefighter and received a commendation
8 - Gary - £50

Banker time
Noel says this board is an odd one. The banker says there are 4 words in English that are regarded as having no rhyme: month, orange, silver and purple....

Banker's offer:

Kate says he should go on, and his wife agrees.

James says

Round 4
6 - Dan - £100
12 - Cal - £10,000
Noel says James's father went around the coastline in the car, and James would like to do something similar. Noel wonders why he didn't do it in a boat! Noel gets Russ to do his box opening routine again...
10 - Russ - £15,000

Banker time
James has noticed that the last box in his system is the box he has on the table. The banker says you cannot kill yourself by holding your breath He wants to know if James will give it a go!!! He also says that the biggest number of sudden births happen in the Bristol area in the afternoon He wants James's wife to talk to him... she comes down and chats to him.

Banker's offer:

The banker wants her to persuade James to deal. Stephen tells him to consider the offer. The banker phones and says butterflies taste with their feet!! James's wife says she might go into labour if he goes on She says she'd deal here... Noel says the banker has pitched this one brilliantly... the banker phones again and says bees have hair on their eyes

James says

Noel says the baby made the decision as it started kicking!!

Round 5
19 - Sharna - 10p
16 - Marie - £250,000
18 - Hassan - £1

Banker time
Banker says James's system stopped working at the perfect time.

Banker's offer would've been:

Round 6
4 - Carol - 50p
7 - Martin - £3,000
9 - Mary - £100,000

Banker time with £5 and £10 remaining

Banker's offer would've been:

James has £10 in box 17

11 - newbie Lillian - £5

James says he's over the moon with that fantastic game.

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