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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Lee's Deal or No Deal Game Report

Noel welcomes us all to the dream factory and says there is a lot of energy going through it at the moment. He talks about the cycles that the games go through and how he asked for a change on Monday, and wanted courage from the contestants, which they delivered and gave 2 great games where the banker was beaten in both. He asks for more of the same today.

It's Lee's turn at the pound table today and he has box 9, he says he is shocked even after being there for 24 shows. He tells us how everyone on the wings are considered friends now after the bonds that are formed during the shows. We get to see a few of Lee's pictures of his wife and also of his son, Noel talks about the advice that Lee has given while on the wings and wonders what the banker will make of him.

Round 1
Lee says there is one box that is really important, but he's not sure when to play it, and it's box 11
1 - £75,000 Groans for that one
17 - £10,000 A few ohhs from the audience
12 - £10
15 - £5,000
4 - £3,000

There is a big hole in the board says Noel, and Lee says he's a little annoyed about the £75,000 going there. The banker says he is not happy as it hasn't gone well so far this week, Noel tells him to be worried today as well as Lee is deadly. The banker says that Lee has developed into a rock that others turn to, and he also points out that Lee is a proud family man. He says that he will be trying and testing him today, and he has picked up on the influence of box 11 as well. He makes an opening offer of £11,000, Lee says NO DEAL

Round 2
Lee says he is going to play the courage card and go for box 11... He tells us how 11 has played a big part in his life
11 - £20,000 A few groans but Lee says it's OK
3 - £250,000 BIG groans all around
16 - £15,000 More groans

Noel says he is struggling to remember the last time they have got to the second offer with only one blue gone. He asks the wings for their opinions on what the offer will be, most say around £5 - 6,000 except Doug who says £9,000!! Noel says he will have to give Doug a slap!! He points to the board and says that after 2 powerful games, this will be a painful chat with the banker. The banker calls and is laughing, he says something remarkable has happened and it's that Doug is right!!! He offers £9,000, Noel says it's a very good offer, Lee says NO DEAL

Round 3
7 - £1 BIG cheers as Betty delivers a blue
21 - 1p Bigger cheers and Lee does a lap of the studio
6 - £35,000 Groans all around

Noel says there is a health warning now, and points out that a few players have kept the 2 remaining power 5 values until late in the game and still gone away with a nice sum. The banker says that every decision is now a true gamble and then offers £10,000. The banker is making Lee carefully think about every offer. Lee asks everyone in the studio to stand who would deal, only one person stands!! Lee says NO DEAL

Round 4
Blue chants start
19 - 50p BIG cheers
More chants
10 - £750 More cheers
More chants start
5 - £50 Big cheers

The board is starting to look a little different says Noel, the banker calls and says he can hear Lee's son saying he is really proud of daddy!!! The mind games start!! He then offers £15,000, Lee says the board doesn't look as bad now as it was starting to. Noel tells him that £15,000 is real money, and someone in the audience gives a speech about really thinking about this as it's a great offer and again it's real money and can be easily lost with the board as it is. Lee says NO DEAL

Round 5
Blue chants start
18 - £50,000 BIG groans and Noel says it's now a one box game...
20 - £500 Big cheers
More blue chants
22 - £250 More cheers

YESSSS says Lee. Noel says there was still serious damage in that round and wonders if the banker will try and suck Lee into going on... Noel says it's amazing how the game twists and turns and the banker has turned it back and offers £11,000. Noel says it's a big gamble now and a leap of faith, Doug confirms it's a gamble now as well and he knows as he has lost big on the horses before and he would not gamble here and take the money. Lee says NO DEAL as he thinks it's his lucky day.

Round 6
Blue chants start
14 - 10p BIG cheers
More chants
13 - £100 BIG cheers again and the studio goes wild
More chants
8 - £100,000 BIG GROANS and disaster!!! Jayne is in tears after revealing that!

It's time for the Banker time with £5 and £1,000 remaining.

Lee says he suddenly spotted his son in his picture pointing out no.2 so saved that one! The banker calls and says he is not playing mind games now, and offers £500. Lee says NO DEAL

The banker calls back and offers the SWAP, Lee SWAPS and now has box 2.

Noel opens Lee's box 2 and reveals £1,000 much to the relief of everyone in the studio, Box 9 contains £5

Noel says that Lee was true to himself throughout his game but unfortunately it didn't work out for him. He closes out the show saying it was a great game today and there was a lot of respect shown by everyone and he doesn't think the low win will affect the other contestants for the rest of the week, and hopes they continue the week of courage.

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