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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Paul's Game Report

Noel talks about Bob's game yesterday and the numerous stories that he told, he had more stories than a skyscraper says Noel! He says he was stunned at Bob's decision to deal early as were most of the audience, he thought that being a stuntman Bob would have had more courage and then does his chicken impression!!! He hopes today's player has a little bit extra go today and more courage, he asks will we get courage or cowardice today!!

It's Paul's turn to take the walk of wealth today and he has box 21, he's a bookkeeper so used to dealing in numbers. He says the game is a gamble from the box 5 stage, he believes in fate and destiny, and gambles quite a lot, he tells a story of how he won big money on a horse race. Paul has his dad and wife in the audience for support, they tell Noel that he knows exactly what he is going to do in the game, so they probably won't have much input.

Round 1
8 - £5,000
11 - £5 A big shout of C'mon from Paul
14 - £35,000
16 - £1,000
9 - £15,000 Newbie Patrick

Paul says he is happy that he has kept the top 3 in play and is not too worried about the lower reds as that means there are more blues to pick off later. The banker is not too happy, he thinks that Paul is more about instinct than actual odds and corrects him on the odds of having £250,000. The banker thinks this game is a battle of guts against guts and he won't beat Paul with mind games, he then makes an opening offer of £17,500. Paul goes to Jack who says it's a great offer and he has attended all of Paul's classes in the evenings back at the hotel on odds. Paul says NO DEAL

Round 2
1 - £100 Another C'mon and a few jumps from Paul
10 - £3,000 Noel says its fascinating watching Paul playing his game and he has a menacing look while choosing his boxes.
6 - £750

Exactly what we wanted says Noel as he jumps around imitating Paul... The banker is asking what Paul thinks he will take out in the next round, Paul tells the banker that he thinks 2 blues and 1 red, and the banker thinks the same. Noel asks if Paul expected the offer to go up, Paul says yes, about £1,500. Noel reveals that the banker has offered £28,000. Noel goes to Paul's wife who says it's a great offer but for Paul to stick to his game plan, his dad agrees. Bindya and Amy-Lee agree that he should play on as well. Paul says NO DEAL

Round 3
22 - £10
3 - £500
Paul predicted 2 blues and 1 red...
18 - £50 Paul loves that

Noel says that Paul should be plugged into the national grid as he has so much energy with his jumping around. The banker says that Paul will now know that in the next round he will hit 2 reds and 1 blue, he offers £40,000.

Noel tells Paul that this is the highest offer EVER in the history of the game at this point. Paul's wife tells him to step back for a minute and view the game as though he was watching from home. Julian tells Paul that it's difficult to give advice to him, as Paul has always been the one to give advice in the past, he does however tell Paul to think really carefully about this, as it's a big offer. Amy-Lee says she would go on at this point, Paul says DEAL

Noel calls the camera over to the board to show us the 2 extremes of the board with 4 of the bankers power 5 still intact, and with 4 of the players power 5 intact, he goes on to say that this game is either going to go a horribly wrong or Paul has pulled off a spectacular result. Noel calls this a classic game and the bankers thinking of offering the £40,000 was he was worried of Paul hitting more blues in the next round although it was unlikely Paul would have been unstoppable.

Round 4 - Proveout round
4 - £10,000 The pilgrims applaud but Noel says that's no good!
13 - 10p NO NO NO NO says Noel, it's a total disaster if the next is a blue
17 - £100,000 The pilgrims applaud but that wasn't good enough says Noel!!

The banker would have offered £49,000, Noel says this could be a total nightmare if the big ones don't go in the next round.

Round 5 - Proveout Round
7 - £250,000 There is huge relief all around the studio, Noel still doesn't admit defeat
5 - 1p Ohhh NO says Noel, Paul needs the £75,000 now
15 - £20,000 The pilgrims applaud but Noel tells the pilgrims off!! He says NO NO NO that's still not good enough

Noel says the good thing now is that the offer has dropped to £25,000, but Paul still has to take out the big values

Round 6 - Proveout round
12 - £50,000 Big cheers but Noel still rants on about having to hit the £75,000!
19 - £75,000 Paul does it and leaves only blue amounts, the studio goes wild. Noel now wants the £250!! Is there no pleasing this new side to Noel!!!
20 - £250 Paul takes out the highest remaining value on the board

It's time for the banker time with 50p and £1 remaining. Paul asks if he could speak to the banker, he agrees as long as Paul is nice as he is crying now!! Paul thanks him for such a great 3rd offer and the banker says that Paul has produced one of the greatest victories over him for quite a while. The banker would have offered 62p. Noel asks would he have dealt, Paul says he would have played on as he would have wanted to be in the 50p club with Dennis.

Noel opens Paul's box 21 and reveals £1, box 2 contains the 50p

Noel closes out the show by saying he really enjoyed that game and it was a classic and is the type of game that the purists would love and talk about over and over again. He says that Paul will have given the remaining contestants a huge amount of confidence now and promises a sensational Wednesday game!

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