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Monday, February 19, 2007

Bob's Game Report

Noel in one of his flamboyant shirts today, he talks about Rachel's perfect game yesterday, and the 1p and £250,000 clubs get a mention...

It's Bob's turn to take the walk of wealth today and he has box 4, and Noel wonders if we will have a chicken, eagle or something in between playing today!! Bob is an agency chef, Noel asks him a question about his work and asks with salmon - is it Dill or No Dill?

Bob says he is a family man and Noel delves into Bob's 3 families, we learn from this that Bob was a stuntman at one point at Universal studios, Noel interrupts Bob's rambling story and says so your first wife left because she couldn't get a word in!!! He met his 3rd wife because she fell in love with his fish fingers!!! Bob shows us his tattoos and they are of all his kid’s names, he says it's to help him remember their names!!!

Round 1
1 - £250
17 - £10
7 - £35,000
2 - £750
10 - £1,000

Good start says Noel, Bob says it's a strong board at the moment, although the banker's power 5 is still there. The banker says that Bob reminds him of his 4th wife!!! As he couldn't get a word in with her!!! He then offers £12,750 , £1 for every member of Bob's family!!! Bob says he can hear his wife shouting take it, he says NO DEAL

Round 2
Bob starts to give Amy-Lee some marriage advice!!
9 - £10,000
Bob now chooses Debbie but goes into another story, this time about how he used to work in Cardiff castle, Noel starts to yawn!!! He then calls a break!
6 - £250,000 BIG groans all around
21 - £5,000

Bob says he needs some blues now... The banker wants to know in all the wedding ceremonies has the vicar ever said I JUST want an 'I do and nothing else?' Bob says he has a story about that if he wants!! The banker hangs up!! He then makes an offer of £7,500, Bob says NO DEAL

Round 3
11 - 10p That was an important one says Noel
8 - £50
Bob thinks about going to Brian but is worried as he has had large numbers, but he goes with him
5 - £75,000 oppss

The banker wants to know how Bob ever gets any cooking done with all his story telling!! Noel then goes off on a ramble of his own with a great-improvised story about how Bob would tell stories in his kitchen of how the days eggs were done! The banker offers £14,000, Bob goes to Paul for advice, he says its a very good offer but is also a good board for another round. Bob says NO DEAL

Round 4
3 - £20,000
Blue chants start
22 - £100,000 Well the chants didn't help...
16 - £500

Noel asks about the injury that Bob had as a stuntman, we learn that he broke a finger while jumping out of bed to answer the phone on the day of filming!! Bob then starts to tell us another story and Noel is pleading for the banker to call!! He does eventually and offers £5,000, it's disappointing says Noel, and Bob is worried about the 1p still being there. Paul says that there are still lots of blues to aim for. Bob says DEAL

That deal seemed to catch everyone off guard there and Noel says he was surprised by that.

Round 5 - proveout round
13 - 50p
16 - £100 Arggh says Noel
Noel does his wrong deal rant
19 - 1p

It would have been a perfect all blue round and Noel really starts to rubs it in now! The banker would have offered £12,000

Round 6 - proveout round
12 - £15,000
20 - £3,000
14 - £1

It's time for the banker with £5 and £50,000 remaining, Oh dear god says Bob!! The banker would have offered £21,000, Noel asks what has happened to the stuntman’s courage and Bob gets all confused about how the game finishes....

Noel goes into his big mistake speeches!!! He then opens box 4 and reveals £5, phew hopefully will keep Noel quiet for a while!!

Box 18 contains the £50,000

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