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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Millie's Game Report

Noel again welcomes us to the dream factory and says what a peculiar week we've had so far with Jane's game on Sunday where the banker made a mistake in judging her, and Simon's system of yesterday that didn't quite work. Noel says he does not know of a system that has worked so far in the show.

It's Millie's money moment says Noel as she makes her way to the table with box 3 today. Millie is originally from Jamaica but now lives in London, her husband isn't in the audience as his company wouldn't give him the time off!!!! Noel asks her to name and shame them on TV, but she doesn't. We get to see a few pics of Millie with her daughter, and we hear a story of how Millie went topless on a beach once and her daughter took a photo, Noel asks is the photo amongst the ones she has there!!! She doesn’t but her daughter did joke that she was going to send them in to the show!!

Millie asks for support from the pilgrims as she has no one with her today...
Round 1
18 - £3,000
21 - £50,000 Ohhh says Noel
12 - £5,000
14 - £50 Newbie Julian
8 - 1p Big cheers and a hug for Paul

Noel says the 1p is a good one to get out the way there as it gives Millie a good edge now. The banker says he bumped into the postman and he now has Millie's picture of her topless!! He offers £13,000, Noel says it's a huge opening offer and Millie agrees. Millie says NO DEAL

Round 2
20 - £250,000 Big groans all around the studio...
19 - £1,000
4 - 50p

Noel asks if there is anything that Millie would like to say to the banker, she asks for a good offer from him. Noel reckons the banker fancies Millie as he's torn up the photo of Millie and is racing down to see the original!! The banker then offers £14,100, he's raised the offer even though the £250,000 has gone!! Noel says it's because Millie comes across as a determined lady and it's also a stable board. Millie says NO DEAL

Round 3
13 - £500
16 - 10p
11 - £100,000 ARRRGGGHHHH says Noel

The banker says that he still wants to show Millie respect despite that round, he offers £10,500. Time to go asks Noel? Millie says she always said that she came to play the game, and says NO DEAL

Round 4
6 - £20,000 Arrgghh says Noel again
9 - £250
Millie asks Tim if he had a red box before, and Noel jumps in and tells her that they are all red boxes!!
2 - £35,000

Noel says it's all or nothing now with the £75,000 very isolated from the £15,000, Millie reckons the banker will stick now. The banker calls and offers £10,500, he does and Noel reckons that the banker is worried that Millie will just play to the end. Andrew says to think about the offer, but play on if you think the £75,000 is in front of you. Millie says NO DEAL - Brave lady says Noel

Round 5
22 - £15,000 groans all around
15 - £10,000 That's the last of the red backups!!!
10 - £5

Now it really is all or nothing says Noel, he tells the banker that he thinks Millie will just go all the way now. The banker offers £7,100, Noel says that is a very good offer and it's because the banker doesn't want Millie to go away with nothing. Millie says if she were sat at home she would be shouting GO FOR IT. She then says NO DEAL

Round 6
1 - £10 Big cheers
7 - £100 YES shouts Noel
Chants of blue blue blue start
5 - £750 YES shouts Noel

Millie does it and keeps the £75,000 in play, and it’s time for the banker time with £1 and £75,000 remaining.

Noel says Millie is one brave lady and has shown that she is genuine, she has now given the banker a big problem. Noel says that quite often people change once they sit in the chair and turn chicken, but Millie is different and he wishes there were more contestants like her. The banker offers £28,000, and Noel says it’s because the banker is terrified that Millie will go all the way. Noel says regardless of what Millie says now this has been brilliant and she is not a chicken, she has shown real courage while sat in the chair. Millie says DEAL

Noel opens box 3 and reveals £75,000... Millie says she knew it was there all the time but she is really really happy with the £28,000 and has had a wonderful time.

Box 17 contains the £1

Noel says Millie has been great and this is a game he will not forget for a very long time...

Watch the last 10mins of the show below
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