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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tony's Game Report

Will Noel change his intro to no question except one...? Moral Dilemma or No Moral Dilemma? After the evil offer that was made to Richard yesterday.

He doesn't, but talks about Andrew's game of Sunday and then Richard's game with in Noel's word "the all time low of the banker making the offer of £5,000 for Andrew...” Noel warns that the banker could go lower today and will do anything to beat the contestants!!!

It's Tony's turn to talk the walk of wealth today and he does so with box 14, which has been appearing quite a lot lately!! (Or am turning into Noel with my memory!!!) Tony says he considers himself lucky, but also that you make your own luck. He has his wife Shelley in the audience with him and we learn he has a son Thomas and another baby on the way, and we get to see a few family pics

Round 1
13 - £5,000
7 - £500
19 - £100
12 - £50
1 - £250,000 The sting was in the tail says Noel

Noel says that there is still a powerful block on the board. He tells the banker we are in good form after Richard beat him yesterday, Noel has an argument with the banker over the evil 'Andrew offer' and hangs up the phone on him as he won't concede that he was beaten yesterday!! This happens twice before the banker does concede the game and Noel agrees to talk to him. The banker asks why is Tony there when people could be playing who really need the money!! As Tony showed a picture of him and his wife on a boat! Tony says it wasn't his boat... The banker thinks that Tony is just there to show off and intimidate him and he doesn't really need the money! He therefore makes and opening offer of £800! Noel says the banker has laid out his stall and doesn't like Tony! Tony says NO DEAL

Round 2
17 - £750 Newbie Betty gets all confused in opening her box as Noel puts her off a little!! Noel tells her its box opening classes for her later!!
18 - £100,000
11 - 50p

Noel asks Tony to read the game, Tony says it's pretty even at the moment. It's time for the banker and the phone is already ringing!! Noel picks up the phone but puts in on the table and then talks to the camera about how the banker seems to think that Tony doesn't need the money as he has shown pictures of his parents boat!! The banker says that by bringing the pictures of Tony on a boat it was showing that Tony wouldn't be interested in small amounts of money, Tony asks if he can have a word with the banker. The banker says he will decide when and if Tony can speak to him and won't be ordered around! He is now tempted to offer less than £800, but offers £13,000. Tony says that's a great offer, but he wants to make it clear to the banker that he doesn't have a vast bank account and he is a young man with a family and is there for them and to make life easier for them all. Tim tells him he has a strong board at the moment and it's a fraction too early to go, Tony says NO DEAL

Round 3
4 - £75,000 Groans as another power 5 goes...
6 - £10,000
22 - £1,000

Tony says there are 4 good numbers there, but Noel replies that the banker if going to punish him. The banker calls and then hangs up on Noel!!! He wanted Noel to concede that it has been three rounds to the banker. Tony wants to speak to the banker but he is not keen, he wants Tony to concede the first 3 rounds to him. The banker says he is now not going to speak to Tony as he thinks he already has a speech prepared for him, he then offers £10,000. Tony says there are more blues than reds to hit at the moment, he goes to Paul who says that he thought the offer would be lower, and there are still lots of blues to hit. Noel does a mini sweep and Tony rejoins the wings in his position and gives his reply of NO DEAL

Round 4
10 - £50,000 Every round he hits a power 5!!!
20 - £20,000 groans followed by silence around the studio
9 - 10p

We're feeling better after that box says Noel, the banker thanks Tony for giving him the idea of how to play the game, as Tony had said earlier that you should be firm when on the phone and never back down, he is taking Tony's advice there!!! He then offers £5,000, Tony says NO DEAL

Round 5
8 - £3,000
5 - £15,000 NOOO says Noel, it's now all or peanuts...
21 - £250 Big cheers for the blue

Only the £35,000 remains in the reds now and the banker is laughing as he adds up the value of the blue side of the board, and he puts that value into the offer!!! He offers £2,016.01, Tony calls down his wife to the pound table, he thinks that box 14 has a power 5 value.... Tony says NO DEAL

Round 6
2 - £5
16 - £1
Blue chants start
15 - £35,000 There are groans all around followed by deathly silence as the last red disappears

It's time for the banker with 1p and £10 remaining, he calls and says that Tony was incredibly brave and then offers £4.99. Noel says it's a game and today it has been a cruel game, Tony says NO DEAL

Noel says he is not enjoying this as he opens box 14 and reveals 1p! Tony becomes the 9th member of the 1p club! Box 3 contains the £10

Noel asks how do you sum that up, Tony says he has no regrets and he came to play the game, he played it as he wanted to play it and the offers just weren't there.

Noel closes out the show saying we need to look for some positivity here and what are the chances of 1p being won tomorrow? The reason he makes a point of this is that tomorrow’s viewer competition is a matchplay one, where the viewer can win the same amount as the contestant in their game. If this did happen there could be a very upset viewer who would have possibly spent £1 to win 1p!!!

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