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Friday, February 16, 2007

Mary's Game Report

Another day in the Dream Factory and Noel runs through Tim's game yesterday, Tony also gets a mention for his entry to the 1p club...

It’s Mary’s turn to take the walk of wealth today and she does so to the music of Captain Pugwash!! This refers to all of Noel’s jokes about her voice sounding like a pirate while she has been on the wings! She has box 3 today and Noel already starts with the pirate voice!!! She has her husband Mervin in the audience for support, we learn they have been married for 50 years. Mary likes travelling and would love to visit the Norwegian Fjords.

Noel says he is glad that Mary has taken the pirate jokes in good spirit, but he will stop them now to concentrate on the game. Just then the banker calls and has a gift for Mary, it's a MAP!! Mary unrolls it and it shows a map of boxes to the cash, Noel then disappears off stage and comes back dressed as a pirate!!! Complete with parrot!! He reads out a poem and then the parrot falls off the table, and Noel goes into the Monty Python sketch about the deceased parrot!!!!

Round 1
9 - £250,000 Unbelievable says Noel
6 - £1
22 - £750 Newbie Gus
2 - £50,000 Ohhhhhh Betty (sorry couldn't resist that )
8 - 10p

The banker says they can't broadcast this show as it's a pirate show!! He offers £6,008, Mary says it is very generous but no thank you, Noel says it should be No Deal not No Thank you! Mary says NO DEAL

Round 2
13 - £50
19 - £35,000
Noel has taken the pirate outfit off as they want to get serious now, the camera then pans around to David and he's dressed as the pirate!!
5 - £1,000

Mary tries to call out another box but Noel stops her with a pirate growl, but Bob almost opens his box!!! Noel has to stop him!! The banker offers £9,008, Noel asks hubby what he thinks, he says he is the silent witness! Mary says NO DEAL

Round 3
12 - £250
15 - £20,000
18 - £10,000

Noel asks Paul what he thinks, he says the main power 2 are still in play so he may stick this time, the banker says that Paul is a thorn in his side and that will be on his file!! The banker says that if Mary keeps the 2 big numbers in play he may be forced to make her walk the plank!!! And the plank is Adrian!!! He offers £11,008, Lee says it's a very good offer and a great sum of money, so really think about it, Jack says to think about the £11,000 as it is a big sum of money. Mary says NO DEAL

Round 4
Mary says she will dance around the studio if the 1p comes out soon, although her husband may walk out of the studio!
4 - £5
11 - £3,000
10 - £75,000

Noel says the banker is going to be happy with this now, he calls and says it's a one box game now before offering £8,008. Julian tells Mary not to be put off by the banker calling it a one box game, and if it was him he might go on, she gets more advice to really think about this as it could go wrong from now on... Mary says DEAL

Round 5 - proveout round
7 - £10 The pilgrims get it wrong and start clapping
21 - £5,000
16 - £100

Ohhhhh says Noel as the studio goes silent, the banker calls and would have offered £18,008

Round 6 - Provout round
1 - £100,000 Big relief all around
17 - £500
20 - 50p

It's time for the banker time with 1p and £15,000 remaining, he calls and would have offered £4,008, Mary says she would have gone all the way at this stage!

Noel opens Mary's box 3 and reveals 1p! Box 14 contains £15,000

Mary produces a win over the banker and avoided a potential membership of the 1p club! She also provided a VERY entertaining show.

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