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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Jayne's Deal or No Deal Game Report

Noel welcomes to the dream factory and while pushing the viewers competition he climbs onto the pound table and stares into the camera!!! Is Noel losing it!!!!!

A very shocked Jayne has box 22 today, all the contestants are wearing daffodils for St. David’s day. Jayne is from Cardiff and is a medical sales rep, and explains she pushes drugs!!! She tells us she has been engaged to her partner for 5 years, and is getting married later this year. Jayne explains how they met at a gym as he is a personal trainer and Noel jokes about the possible chat up lines when they met! Jayne tells us they are getting married in Mauritius and would like to take some of her family along that can't presently make it.

Round 1
1 - £3,000
12 - £5,000
13 - £250
21 - £15,000
Jayne asks everyone to think small blue ones and a few chants start but dwindle away. Noel starts to pick on Doug and his box opening technique or lack of it!!
6 - £1,000

Jayne says she is more with it now, and the banker thanks Jayne for the cigar she gave him. Noel asks when she gave him the cigar and is it a bribe!! The banker says there are omens in the sky, and there are 3 of them, Jayne always has big numbers, she who must not be named (Laura-£250,000) was also Welsh and 22 is the luckiest box in the history of the game... He then offers £12,500, he is nervous because of the omens so makes the large offer, Jayne says she has had large numbers a lot during her time on the show, so it's... NO DEAL

Round 2
8 - £750
3 - £250,000 BIG groans as Jayne holds her head in her hands
Jayne picks box 2 next but then changes her mind to box 19
19 - £5 Newbie Geoff

Jayne tells Noel that the £100,000 is in her box and he is impressed with the positive attitude. The banker offers £12,500, Jayne says NO DEAL

Round 3
Jayne asks everyone to think blue and the chants start
14 - £20,000 Groans for that one
Di says her box is flashing at her!!! Jayne tells Noel not to ask Di about flashing!!! Jayne doesn't go for her box though
2 - £50 Big cheers
Jayne starts getting emotional so Noel gets the tissues out, but Jayne needs a hug from Chantelle - They start singing Delilah!!! Noel puts on ear defenders!!! Noel then pleads for a box to be opened and loses it!!!
17 - £50,000 BIG groans

The banker says he was scared before but now he is REALLY frightened, and Noel says he is scared as well and might chip in some money himself!!! The Banker offers £14,000, Jayne says she has come to play the game and go all the way, so it's NO DEAL

Round 4
4 - £35,000 More groans
7 - 50p Big cheers for the blue
Noel tells Jayne to think 1p, as this box is really important now
Gus thinks he has a small blue so Jayne goes with him
9 - £75,000 oooppsss!!

The banker says it's a one-box game now, but he is certain of Jayne's courage, and he was tempted to offer £2,000 first!!! But has decided to offer £10,000, Jayne asks the audience to stand if they would deal, less than half would. Jayne says NO DEAL

Round 5
This is going to be interesting says Noel, and that took a lot of courage. Blue chants start
16 - £100 YESSSS shouts Jayne. Noel tells her to stay focused
More chants
5 - £1 Another shout of YESSS from Jayne
More chants
15 - 1p Another shout of YEEESSSSS

Jayne kisses box 22 and tells the banker to be afraid!! The banker calls a quickly offers £20,000. Jayne asks Chantelle what she thinks, she asks Jayne if she thinks she has the £100,000 in her box, and Jayne says she does, but the £20,000 would pay for her wedding. Jayne does a little sweep and Julian thinks that Jayne really wants to go on and tells her no deal, Gus tells her that the £20,000 is in her pocket now whereas the £100,000 is only on the board... Jayne says DEAL

Round 6 - Proveout round
20 - £100,000 Jayne LOVES that one
18 - £500
10 - £10,000

Jayne produces the perfect proveout round, and it's time for the Banker with 10p and £10 remaining.

The banker says he never wants to see another daffodil again!!!! He would have offered £2

Noel opens Jayne’s box 22 and reveals 10p, box 11 contains the £10.

Jayne says she is feeling a lot better now, Noel says that she has played a very courageous game and this will guarantee another great game tomorrow!

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