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Monday, February 05, 2007

Simon's Game Report

Noel welcomes us to another week at the dream factory, he talks about the error the banker made in judging Jane yesterday, and how she went away at the end with £50,000 and punished him his mistake.

It's Simon's turn to take the walk of wealth today and he does so with box 2. Simon talks about how he came up with his system for choosing his numbers today, originally he was going to race 22 snails!! But in the end he let Molly the dog choose his numbers, he has his partner Rob in the audience for support today. He has a dream of opening his own B&B in Devon, so hopefully a nice win today will help that dream come true.

Round 1
5 - 1p Fantastic start
6 - 50p
17 - £1 Newbie Susan
Noel potentially jinxes the round by saying the 10p will great here
22 - £100,000 Groans as good ole Noel jinxes it yet again!!!
15 - £50

Noel says he thinks Molly has done well in her opening round, he tells the banker he is very good after his mistake yesterday which cost him a lot of money. The banker thought that perhaps the independent adjudicator's dog had chosen the numbers for Simon with the start he had!! He adds that normally systems based around a dog don't WINALOT!!! He makes an opening offer of £11,000, it's a very good offer says Simon, but NO DEAL

Round 2
21 - £35,000 a few groans for that one
12 - £15,000 OHHHH says Noel
Simon encourages the pilgrims to make some noise...
9 - £75,000 Big groans

Damage, damage, damage says Noel, the banker says he was waging his tail all through that round. He thinks the board is dangerous for Simon now, but he is still a little worried about the game and offers £11,000. Noel asks if Simon would like to go into the hall of fame by being the first to deal the second offer, Simon says NO DEAL

Round 3
Simon wants a Woof Woof when he hits the next blue
1 - £20,000 Groans from the pilgrims
4 - £500 Simon gets his WOOFS from the pilgrims and howl from Noel!!!
3 - £5,000 arrrgggh says Noel

Noel asks Tony what he thinks at the moment, he says there are still lots of blues there to hit. The banker wonders if he should try to buy Simon for £20,000 or push him on now, and lets HIS dog decide!! It's a punishing offer of £5,000, Simon says NO DEAL

Round 4
20 - £50,000 Groans as Noel calls it a one box game with the £250,000 very isolated
8 - £250,000 Groans followed by silence...
Noel talks about Hannah's game and how she was in a similar situation and went away with £10,000 in the end
19 - £3,000

Noel says the banker is going to be feeling really good now after that round. Noel flips the conversation with the banker and says that he expects a big offer now, the banker says the big money has gone walkies... He asks if Simon will sit up and beg for a better offer!! He then offers £1,000, Noel says the banker thinks he has Simon now and he'll hit the £10,000 in the next round. Simon says NO DEAL

Round 5
18 - £5
16 - 10p
7 - £100

Simon gets the blue round he badly needed, and says he is feeling better now, Noel says the banker will still be feeling confident. The banker says this next offer is an excellent offer for the board, it's £2,300. Noel says it looks like the banker is not going to try and let Simon leave with £5,000 or more. Simon wants a sweep and the majority say NO DEAL, Simon says NO DEAL

Round 6
13 - £250
11 - £10,000 Arrrrgghh says Noel...
14 - £1,000

It's time for the banker with £10 and £750 remaining, he makes a final offer of £230. Simon says NO DEAL

Noel opens Simon's box 2 and reveals £750, box 10 contains the £10

Simon had one of those games that never really got going and the offers remained low throughout the game.

Watch the last 10mins of the show below
Deal or No Deal video hosted and supplied by youtube

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