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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Rachel's Game Report

Noel talks about Tim and how he said it was a gritty game; and Mary's game on Friday - Noel described her game as a "jolly" game as she really entered into the spirit of it. He talks about courage being required, if you want to win the big money... he was disappointed we could have created a second quarter of a millionaire!!! Although he was glad there were no more members of the 1p club in the latter half of last week.

It's Rachel's turn to take the walk of wealth today and she does so with box 13. Noel talks about how he has spoken to the others and they think Rachel is lovely. Rachel comes from Rochdale in Lancashire, She works in the planning department in the local council!!! She shows pictures of her daughter, Eve, and speaks about how she met Dave when she was a waitress... they have been together for 7 years. Rachel likes Mexican food, and she says she wants to generate a Mexican wave in the audience if she has a good game. She has two shells she has brought for good luck - shells which she got from holidays... she wants Paul McKenna to hypnotise Dave so he loses his fear of flying!!!

Round 1
10 - £100,000
5 - £5
14 - £250
12 - £50,000
She says she is drawn to 7 - but does she choose it or leave it? She goes with it...
7 - £250,000

Noel says she is in the top ten for first round disasters!!! Rachel says it's not good and she feels sorry for the people who opened the boxes in her first round. The banker calls and says he had a Spectacular Saturday because he met someone - her name is Morticia - she's solvent, not funny and has artificial hips!!! The banker says Dave got her when she was vulnerable and he will do the same!! He offers £750, She says it's a fantastic offer, but NO DEAL

Round 2
20 - £500
19 - £15,000
8 - £20,000 "Relentless bad luck" says Noel

Noel says the banker was looking at Rachel closely at the first offer, and the twinkle never left her eye... so the banker's trying a different tactic, and he's offering £7,500, Rachel says the game is now playing for £75,000 and not £250,000 and Jack agrees with her when she asks his advice. Rachel says it's an excellent offer, but NO DEAL

Round 3
4 - 50p
2 - £100
11 - £50

An all-blue round is just what we needed at this point!!!

"Suddenly, suddenly it looks better", says Noel. The banker says it's an interesting psychological battle, and he's now trying new tactics... He describes the t-shirt her daughter Eve is wearing in the picture - a heart with "06" in it... so he offers... £10,006. Noel says he is playing a low game now! Kay says it's dangerous, but it depends how lucky Rachel feels, Paul said the board's a lot more balanced now between the blues and the reds, Rachel says she's learnt a lot from Paul from conversations they've had... she says he's always spot on, She "thinks" she's ready for the question, and she says NO DEAL

Round 4
9 - £5,000 Noel says it's not ideal, but not disastrous...
Noel asks Betty for the 1p
16 - 1p Betty delivers the 1p!!
18 - £10

Noel says Rachel is on the eve of one of the best turnarounds, he says he loves it when the banker's worried... The banker is impressed by the way Rachel says she wanted the 1p and she got it... so he's not playing a psychological battle any more and he offers £15,000. Kay says that she could take the low ones, but she could also take the high ones, and that she has to do what is right for her, Rachel wonders if there's £75k in her box. Paul says she's once again got an even board - 4 she can hit, 4 she can't. He says the probability suggests she will take out at least one red... and describes the banker's offer as a cracking one as it's pitched so perfectly. Rachel gets the audience to stand up if they'd deal - most people stand up. Noel asks her the question, and she says DEAL

Round 5 - Proveout round
Noel says it hasn't been one of the most unlucky games we've ever had... the hits in the round one were horrible and not much better in round 2... Noel talks about her possibly dealing too soon.
1 - £1,000 - the audience claps - Noel says why are you clapping - it's a disaster!!
17 - £75,000 That quietens Noel!! He says it was never there, never there... in Rachel's box 13.
3 - £750

Noel goes on about how Rachel could have won significantly more than what she dealt at! The banker rings and would have offered £8,500. Noel says we're doing ok at the moment, but the banker will be laughing when £35k is in her box.

Round 6 - proveout round
21 - 10p Noel says it'd have been a great start
22 - £35,000 Rachel finds the highest amount
Noel says the next box is academic, but the next box could bring a good banker beating to end the week and start the next week. Rachel says she'd have left box 6 to the end...
15 - £10,000

It's time for the banker with £1 and £3,000 remaining, Noel says he thought she'd dealt too soon, but she's done the right deal at the right time. The banker calls and would have offered £750. Rachel says it's a good offer, but she wouldn't have taken it...

Noel opens Rachel's box 13 and reveals £1, or "A POOUUUUUUUUUND!!!!" to quote Noel!!!

Julian opens box 6 and proves it has £3,000.

Rachel says the audience have been fantastic and gets them to do a Mexican waves... and it works very well!!!

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