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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Rachael's Deal or No Deal Game Report 24/11/11

Rachael has box 21 today. Rachael says that she is very nervous today. Noel notices that Rachael's namebadge is different to how it is spelt on the gameboard, and asks which one is correct, Noel then writes the correct version actually on Rachael! Rachael shows us a picture of her baby Jack, and explains how they are lucky to have him as they was initially told they would probably not be able to have children. Rachael has her friend Stacey in the audience for support. Noel tells the story of when Rachael went to have a suntan and thought the goggles supplied were for her nipples!!

Round 1
16 - £20,000 Wayne
11 - £3,000 Elvis
2 - £1,000 Phil
4 - £50,000 Clare
7 - £50 Steven

Banker time
The Banker says that he swapped Noel's washable marker pen with a permanent one, but he will come out and help Rachael wash it off later

Banker's offer:

Rachael says

Round 2
19 - £35,000 Aqsa
Sugar says Rachael
12 - £5,000 Caroline
3 - £1 Daniela

Banker time
Noel doesn't think this will be a mighty offer. The Banker says he won't deliver the offer verbally, but has had it professionally written down. The offer is written on a banana, but Rachael hates bananas!

Banker's offer:

Noel says that is quite a fruity offer, and asks if Rachael wants to split now! Rachael's friend thinks there is still a lot in the game.

Rachael says

Round 3
6 - 1p Kim
15 - £250,000 Frank
5 - £100 Toni

Banker time
The Banker tells Rachael to sit down and relax, and promises to deliver the remaining offers verbally.

Banker's offer:

Rachael says that she can go home with more than that if she nails an all-blue round. She says that she just wants enough money to make things good for her baby, and also so her husband doesn't have to put in so many hours at work.

Rachael says

Round 4
20 - 50p Elaine
13 - £15,000 Cat
14 -£100,000 David

Banker time
Oh Rachael that is a horribe 8-box says Noel. The Banker says he can see some tears coming so he doesn't want to rub things in, but he is going to.

Banker's offer:

Toni tells Rachael that Amy only had 1 big number left near the end and she chased it and went home with a Banker spanking, so there is no reason she can't do the same.

Rachael says

Noel talks about all Rachael wants is to win enough money so her husband doesn't have to work so much overtime and they can have a comfortable family life. The Banker calls and says that won't happen as Rachael will hit the final power 5 amount now!

Round 5
22 - £750 Craig
Rachael says that she feels a bit sick now, and Noel asks if she wants to stop, but Rachael says that she will be OK after a sip of tea, and she is feeling a little embarrassed now. The Banker calls and checks if Rachael is really OK, of if he can get her anything, Rachael asks for a nice big cheque
1 - 10p Tristan
9 - £10 Newbie Daphne

Banker time
An all-blue round just when you wanted it says Noel. Rachael says that this has to be a better offer now.

Banker's offer:

That is a clever offer says Noel, as it isn't the top of your game, but is it a bit of a lifeline. Rachael talks about the buzz you get after an all-blue round just like Amy talked about yesterday. The Banker calls and says that it is interesting that Rachael talks about Amy, and he will give Rachael the same offer he made to Amy. If Rachael plays on and hits a blue in the 1st box she will get an offer straight away, but if she hits a red she will just play on as normal. Rachael goes to the wings for some advice, and then talks about the patterns that you see in games, and her game is following Amy's.

Rachael says

Round 6
This box has to be blue says Noel
17 - £5 Claudio

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Frank tells Rachael she has £11,000 in her hand and she could keep it. Rachael says that there hasn't been a big win for a while, and what if she has the £75,000. The Banker calls and says that it is a 50/50 chance she has a blue, and why would she risk family happiness. Rachael thinks there is something about her game. Phil tells Rachael that she is only here once and if she thinks it is her game today, then go for it.

Rachael says

Round 6 - Continued - Proveout
8 - £10,000 Andria
18 - £250 Nicola

Banker time with £500 and £75,000 remaining

I knew it says Rachael, it's in there.

Banker's offer would've been:

I'm such a dufus says Rachael. Noel allows Rachael to open her box.

Rachael opens her box 21 and reveals £75,000

Box 10 with Gary contains the £500

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