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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Bill's Deal or No Deal Game Report - 02/11/11 - Bankenstein's Monsters Halloween Special

Bill's game today. Dr Bankenstein (Noel) says everyone is allowed into his laboratory by invitation only. He goes over to Dr Pettigrew's catapult and explains how the catapult twist works and was used twice in Jess' game.

Halloween Catapult twist: If the player gets to 5-box in live play, they can choose to have 4 shots or 2 shots. If they choose 4, and get 1 in, they win a holiday... if they miss, there's no downside. If they choose 2 shots, and get 1 in, they win a holiday AND get to proceed one box at a time... but the downside is that if they miss, the banker looks in their box.

Bill has box 11 today. Bill is a farmer, and Noel says his whole family has been farming since 1410, and Bill talks about how with the current farming situation his farm won't support 2 families, and that is part of the reason why he is here today.

We get to see some of Bill's photos of his family, and talks about one of his grandchildren who has autism and would like to set up a trust fund for him. Bill has his daughter in the audience for support today.

Round 1
1 - 10p Claudio
6 - £250 Nicki
22 - £100 George
4 - £10 Katie
13 - £5 Aaron

Banker time
Yes, says Noel, look at that. The Banker says that when he thought of the catapult twist he never thought he would be charging to use it, and now that has given him some ideas, and he might start charging the pilgrims to sit in the studio!

Banker's offer:

Bill says

Noel runs through some of Bill's dreams which includes having sailing lessons. Bill says that this is usually the point when it starts to fall apart, but it won't today.

Round 2
2 - £5,000 John
14 - £500 Jim
20 - £1,000 Newbie Caroline

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Bill says that is fantastic and will do a lot for him.

Bill says

Round 3
3 - 1p Parvinder
8 - £75,000 Janine
Bill changes his mind on a box choice, but then changes his mind back again
5 - £35,000 Zoe

Banker time
The board is a bucket now says the Banker. But Bill had a strong start to his game.

Banker's offer:

That is a surprise says Bill, and he goes to John for some advice, he tells Bill that he could buy a few cows for that. Bill thinks there is a nice block.

Bill says

Round 4
10 - £50 Syrita
7 - £10,000 Amy
9 - £100,000 Neville

Banker time
Oh no says Noel, but then says that it is not that bad. The Banker thinks it is not that bad, but it is now also a gambler's board.

Banker's offer:

Bill says that it is a gambler's board. Noel asks if he is a gambler, and Bill says that he hasn't really been a gambler in his life, although you do have to take some gambles in farming. Bill turns to his daughter, and she says that the £250,000 is still there and she thinks he will regret it if he goes now.

Bill says

Round 5
16 - £15,000 Kath
18 - £20,000 Julie
17 - £1 Geoff

Catapult time

The Banker says that Bill has a big decision now. Noel runs through the catapult twist again. Bill has a practice shot on the catapult and he misses. Bill says he will take 4 SHOTS

Bill's first shot misses.

Bill's second shot misses.

Bill's third shot misses.

Bill's fourth shot misses.

People start chanting that the last shot was in as it bounced around the edge of the head!

Noel calls on the video ref, and the Banker says that it didn't go in....

The Banker thinks that Bill is ready to deal now, and then has a chat with Bill.

Banker's offer:

Bill says he is still in a quandary even though he asked the Banker for an offer like that.

Bill says

Round 6 - Proveout round
19 - £3,000 Rachael
12 - 50p Sam
21 - £50,000 Bob

Banker time with £750 and £250,000 remaining

Noel tells Bill to brace himself now.

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel opens Bill's box 11 and reveals £750

Nick with box 15 contains the £250,000

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