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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Julie's Deal or No Deal Game Report 13/11/11

Julie has box 17. Julie is an administrator for a marketing company. Noel gets the audience to shout at Julie, as she has a habit of falling asleep! Julie says she has an ambition to help disadvantaged people, and she says her dad passed away in 2009 and he'd had alcohol problems. We get to see a pic of Julie with her dad while on a trip to Graceland, and Noel points out Elvis who's on the wings. Julie shows a photo of her dog, and she talks about her boyfriend.

Round 1
16 - Kath - £1
22 - Craig - £15,000
8 - Caroline - £250,000
Noel talks to Caroline about her surname "Banana", and her husband who's called Michael Banana!
13 - Wayne - £100,000
21 - Neville - £5

Banker time
The banker says he wants Caroline if she ever splits with her husband, and the headline in the paper would be "BANANA SPLIT". He talks about how Julie's boyfriend hasn't proposed yet and isn't even in the audience!

Banker's offer:

Julie says

Round 2
Noel talks about some people in the audience who don't like the camera, so the camera zooms in on them! He then asks one of them where the 1p is, and he says box 4.
5 - Rachael - £500
3 - Bob - £20,000
6 - George - £5,000

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Noel says the banker likes Julie, and Amy says it's a good offer as only 4 are above it.

Julie says

Round 3
Noel creeps around with Julie and pretends the blues are a protected species that are hiding.
20 - Claudio - £50
Noel does a David Attenborough impression while Julie chooses the next box.
2 - Toni - £3,000
Noel does his Attenborough again...
9 - Amy - £75,000

Banker time
The banker says he sees himself as a gorilla in the jungle, and he talks about bananas!

Banker's offer:

Julie says

Round 4
15 - Jim - £10,000
7 - Elvis - 1p
Noel says it looks like Elvis has been in the gym too long!
12 - Zoe - £100

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Julie talks about the things she'd do with the money, including paying some money back to her mum. Aaron says it's a dangerous board and talks about how much the money means to Julie.

Julie says

Round 5
10 - newbie Gary - 50p
4 - Caroline - £1,000
Noel says Julie can't totally destroy the game.
18 - Aaron - £750

Banker time
The banker talks about wildlife shows and says he hopes this would turn into "Blue Planet".

Banker's offer:

The banker talks about wildlife shows and says he hopes this would turn into "Blue Planet".

Banker's offer:

Julie says she's happy with that. Jim says there's a lot more money on the board, but only Julie will know what the money means to her. Wayne says she needs to think about the offer and not focus on what's left on the board. Julie says she's getting a really good feeling from her box. Noel asks the pilgrims and quite a few would deal, and Julie says she'd advise others to deal in this position. Craig's wife & interpreter asks how long it'd take Julie to save that amount of money, and she says a long time.

Julie says

Round 6 - proveout
19 - Steven - £250
1 - Nicola - £35,000
14 - Janine - £10

Banker time with 10p and £50,000 remaining...

The banker thinks he got the offer exactly right.

Banker's offer would've been:

Julie has 10p in her box 17.

Box 11 with Elaine contains the £50,000

Julie says she'll sort out quite a few things with the money.

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