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Friday, November 18, 2011

Jim's Deal or No Deal Game Report 18/11/11

Jim has box 21. Jim is from Swansea, and he says his name was originally John but he ended up as Jim. He says he's been a professional musician for decades, and is now a qualified sound therapist and teaches it too. Jim shows a pic of his late parents and gets quite emotional as he does so. He also shows a pic of his two daughters, and a pic of him with Bruce Springsteen at Glastonbury a few years ago. We also get to see a photo of Jim dressed up in fancy dress at Glastonbury! Jim's wife is in the audience today.

Round 1
Jim asks everyone to imagine the confetti cannons going off at the end of the show, and gets everyone to cheer.
13 - Wayne - £75,000
7 - Andria - £5
16 - Elvis - 10p
3 - newbie Aqsa - £50,000
14 - Claudio - £1,000

Banker time
The banker talks about the Lord of the (Phone) Rings. He says Jim looks like ZZ Top after they've let themselves go!

Banker's offer:

Jim says

Round 2
Jim says the banker has to do better than that offer to buy the box, and the banker rings and says he respects Jim's honesty and knows he won't get him cheaply.
5 - Amy - £20,000
9 - Kim - £10
11 - Craig - £3,000

Banker time
The banker says he's worked out that Jim looks like Noel Edmonds shipwrecked on a desert island, and we see a clip of Noel from the castaway summer specials last year.

Banker's offer:

Jim says

Round 3
David next, and he says he thinks he has a big red. Noel asks David how he knows, and he says he's a psychic! Noel then talks about David's weird laugh, and he says he's trying to control it as it sounds like a donkey!
4 - David - 1p
Noel gets the camera to come in close on the 1p kiss.
22 - Aaron - £10,000
Noel tells a true story about how Jim won a prize at a fancy dress party, but he'd gone in his normal clothes!
10 - Caroline - £50

Banker time
The banker makes fun of David and David lets slip some of his laugh. He then says David will be known as Mystic Mug, and David laughs fully and gets everyone else laughing. The banker then gets David laughing again!

Banker's offer:

Jim talks about a magazine that him and his wife run, called Labyrinth Magazine, and he says it's called that because someone built them a labyrinth that was used for meditation. He says as he stepped into the labyrinth, he felt like he wasn't getting to where he was going, but as long as you keep walking, you reach the centre. He compares all this to reaching goals and says it's been a big part of their lives recently, and the £10k is a step to £250k.

Jim says

Round 4
Jim gets Gary to give us a demo of his opera singing. The banker rings and sings Agadoo down the phone.
17 - Gary - £100,000
12 - Zoe - £750
1 - Bob - 50p

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Jim's wife says it doesn't matter if he goes on and wins £1, and the banker rings and says they can do more than £10k. Jim's wife then says they could help others with £250k, and Noel reveals they want to set up a centre to help people who are in the final stages of their lives, using holistic therapy. Jim talks some more about the visions they have, and he talks again about the steps towards the ultimate goal.

The banker rings and says he's going to use his head now, and he suggests Jim should use his. He changes the offer.

Banker's offer:

Noel says the banker doesn't often raise offers like that, and Jim says he really respects him. Jim says he has gut feelings about what he should do and say, and he says he's ready for the question.

Jim says

Jim says he'd have only gone to the end if he'd had the £100k and £250k there, as he's not stupid! Noel says not that far away, there's an old man saying "I told you so".

Round 5 - proveout
19 - Toni - £5,000
"Not good enough" says Noel
8 - Cat - £100
"WHO CLAPPED?" shouts Noel.
2 - Tristan - £15,000
"Not enough, no no" says Noel.

Banker time
The banker says he'd have been worried now.

Banker's offer would've been:

Round 6 - proveout
20 - Steven - £500
Noel threatens to throw anyone out who claps!
15 - Nicola - £35,000
"NO NO" shouts Noel, and he talks about massive climaxes.
6 - Rachael - £250,000

Banker time with £1 and £250 remaining...

The banker says that feels appropriate after the battle.

Banker's offer would've been:

Jim has £1 in his box 21.

Box 18 with Elaine contains the £250

Jim says his £15k is amazing and he says he's pretty skint right now and it'll really help, and they can set up their centre and go to their daughter's wedding in Austria.

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