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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Nicki's Deal or No Deal Game Report 06/11/11

Nicki has box 22 today. Nicki is a retired careworker. She has her husband in the audience for support today. Noel tells us how Nicki met her husband in her teens at a birthday party and fell in love with him. We get to see some of Nicki's photos, and she also has a red box that her husband made for her with the number 3 on it. Noel reads out a poem that Nicki's husband wrote for her as he didn't expect to be in the studio today.

Nicki says that she isn't worried that she has the death box.

Round 1
11 - £75,000 Janine
Noel puts on Nicki's glasses and asks how she can see anything wearing them!
19 - £750 Caroline
12 - £50 Neville
2 - £100,000 Bob
Whoops says Noel.
1 - £20,000 Amy

Banker time
3 dominant reds and you are doing this the hard way says Noel. The Banker says that everyone looks terrific, especially John who looks like he can show you to your seat or provide you with the right length of hose!

Banker's offer:

Nicki says

Round 2
6 - £35,000 Claudio
Oh no, you need to get over onto the left hand side says Noel.
10 - £50,000 Sam
Oooh whoops says Noel, we've not had one of these for a while.
8 - £15,000 Aaron

Banker time
The Banker says this is one of the biggest holes he can remember.

Banker's offer:

Nicki says

Round 3
18 - £3,000 Wayne
We've only got 4 reds left says Noel, but he wonders if the death box will live up to it's name and contain the £250,000
13 - 10p George
15 - 50p Jim

Banker time
The Banker says Nicki has created a classic gamblers board.

Banker's offer:

John thinks it is a good offer for the board, but thinks Nicki has come for more money than that.

Nicki says

Round 4
Noel runs through some of Nicki's dreams, she would like to visit her son in Arizona, wing walking and parachuting.
17 - £1,000 Rachael
4 - £250,000 Geoff
The death box won't live up to it's name now says Noel.
16 - £10,000 Katie

Banker time
Oh what a round says Noel, and he struggles to think of a game with that many blues left at 8-box. The Banker laughs and cheers down the phone, as he has his party with some cheesy nibbles.

Banker's offer:

Nicki says

The Banker calls before the start of the round and is enjoying Nicki's agony and wants to really rub her nose in it, and any player that reveals the £5,000 in this round will get £100 cash.

Round 5
Julie next and Noel asks her what she would do with £100, and she says that she would give it to Nicki. The Banker calls and asks Julie if it was £500 would she still give it to Nicki, and she says she would, he then asks what if it was £1,000, and Julie says that she might split that
3 - £5 Julie
9 - £250 John
20 - £1 Syrita

Banker time
The £5,000 is still on the radar, and also a possible spanking says Noel.

Banker's offer:

Nicki says

Round 6
5 - 1p Kath
7 - £500 Nicola
21 - £100 Zoe

Banker time with £10 and £5,000 remaining

Banker's offer:

Noel runs through the previous offers. Nicki's husband tells her to go for it.

Nicki says

The Banker calls and offers the SWAP

Nicki says

Noel opens Nicki's box 22 and reveals £10

Box 14 with newbie Cat contains the £5,000

Noel asks how we can sum this up, and Nicki says you can't really, but she played the game.

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