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Monday, August 15, 2011

Andrew's Deal or No Deal Game Report 15/08/11

Noel welcomes us to a brand new season of the show with a different style intro. Noel says as has become a tradition at the start of a new season he tells us some stats. The Banker has paid out almost £26,000,000, 7 contestants have won nothing, and one contestant went away owing the Banker £50. Noel then talks about how Lucy stayed for 50 games and wonders if anyone will break the record this season.
Andrew has box 13. Andrew Green is from South Shields, and is a student teacher. He teaches talks about his love of maths and teaching it. We then see a teddy that Andrew has brought along called "Skinny Ted." Noel shows us a picture from when Andrew & his girlfriend Louise went skiing and talks about how she fell, followed by a picture of Andrew with his God-daughter.

Round 1
The Banker rings up before Andrew opens any boxes, and Noel shouts hello to the Banker down the phone. Because Andrew is so good natured The Banker is going to give Andrew a chance to win a holiday in the first round if he finds the 1p.
7 - Danielle - £1,000
20 - Sharleen - £5
12 - Loz - 50p
5 - Newbie Gary - £100,000
Andrew tells us that Debbie with box 4 will be the last one he will choose.
2 - James - £75,000

Banker time
The Banker is worried people will think he is going soft.

Banker's offer:
£1,000 + can of deodorant

Andrew chases after Noel around the studio.

Andrew says

Round 2
3 - Keith - £5,000
8 - Wayne - £1
16 - Candi - £100

Banker time
Noel wishes Candi to get better soon as she has a summer cold. During the break Louise says that Andrew is very sweaty, but he doesn't smell. The Banker says Andrew is an excellent reader of the board and likes the thought of maths being magic.

Banker's offer:

Andrew says

Round 3
18 - Charlotte - £500
11 - Becky - £250
Noel apologies to Kirsty for mentioning the word "moist" as apparently it makes her feel sick. Andrew confesses that the loss of two big ones in the first round knocked him back.
6 - Paul - £3,000

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Andrew says since he's been here he's never seen that chunk of money with the £250,000 in play. Chris says it's always worth another round if 3 of the Power 5 are in play.

Andrew is about to answer the question when the Banker rings up. The Banker says he has brought a lot of mathematicians at the third offer. The Banker is willing to increase the offer to £17,500 if Chris can give some advice with a straight face. If he can't the offer remains at £15,000.

Banker's NEW OFFER
Banker's offer:

Andrew says

Round 4
1 - Fred - £50
Noel says every blue Andrew finds is worth thousands to the offer.
19 - Rosie - £250,000
22 - Gurpal - £20,000

Banker time
The Banker says he has forgotten how wonderfully cruel this game is. He asks Andrew what he wants the Banker to do, and Andrew tells him make a nice offer.

Banker's offer:

Noel has brought out a gold envelope from under the table and there's a holiday in the envelope. If Andrew says NO DEAL, he'll win the holiday if he guesses a value and then finds it.

The Banker is willing to let Andrew's girlfriend open the envelope to find out where the holiday is. Louise says the holiday is somewhere really nice and it'd be a great holiday.

The Banker calls and is going to make one final offer. If Andrew declines £10,000 and nominates a box value, and he hits it he'll get the holiday. However his girlfriend will also be able to choose a box giving Andrew 2 chances to win the holiday.

Andrew says

Round 5

Andrew chooses £50,000 to find in the next round.
Louise chooses £35,000 to find in the next round.

If either of the above are found in the next round Andrew will win the holiday.

10 - Katie - £750
17 - Bernie - 10p
14 - Rich - £15,000

Banker time
The Banker says the holiday is off the table and it's not coming back.

Banker's offer:

Andrew has suggested that if he can guess the contents of his box would the Banker be willing to let him win the holiday. The Banker rings up and is apparently angry. If Andrew deals now and guesses what the contents of his box are he WILL win the holiday.

Andrew says

Round 6 - Proveout
Andrew says he thinks £35,000 in his box. Noel does a spoof news item and says the show isn't changing and getting more complicated.
21 - Chris - £10
9 - Nyomi - £10,000
15 - Kirsty - 1p

Banker time

Banker's offer would've been:

We are left with £35,000 & £50,000.

Noel opens Andrews box 13 and reveals £50,000 - which means he doesn't win the holiday.

The holiday is revealed to be a 2-week holiday to Jamaica. The Banker rings up and tells Noel to tear it up and give it to Andrew to take away.

Box 4 with Debbie had £35,000

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