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Friday, July 29, 2011

Barnaby's Deal or No Deal Game Report 29/07/11

Barnaby has box 1. Barnaby is a supermarket supervisor, and is also a full-time rocker with a band, and he talks about how they all meet up to perform. He has his lead-singer in the audience. Noel says Barnaby looks and sounds a bit like a young Mick Jagger. Barnaby shows a pic of the rest of his band, and he shows a lucky guitar piece that he has with him.
Round 1
17 - Kirsty - £50
8 - Wayne - £10
12 - Charlotte - £100,000
20 - James - £100
16 - newbie Nyomi - £20,000

Banker time
The banker says he knew Mick Jagger when he was younger, and he needs to keep his metal with Barnaby.

Banker's offer:

Barnaby says

Round 2
13 - Gurpal - £10,000
Barnaby goes for Loz and talks about the way he opens his boxes.
10 - Loz - 1p
Loz carries Barnaby to the bike-shed to give him a kiss! Noel then starts to play an air-guitar!
6 - Rich - £75,000

Banker time
The banker gets Noel to play his air-guitar a bit more, and he says it was more Doubtfire than anything!

Banker's offer:

Barnaby says

Round 3
Rosie now, and she says she likes rock concerts as it makes her dance funny, so she gives a demonstration while Noel and Barnaby do some rocking.
19 - Rosie - £500
Fred now, and he says he likes country and western, and particularly Elvis! The banker rings and says Elvis is the king of rock and roll and not country and western!
4 - Fred - 10p
Noel gets Fred to go into dunce's corner and wear the dunce's hat...
15 - Berni - £50,000

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Barnaby says

Round 4
14 - Danielle - 50p
2 - Katie - £1,000
7 - Debbie - £250,000

Banker time
Noel says he thought Barnaby was going to pull this off. The banker says "rock and roll" and says he got lucky after the last offer. He says Barnaby's target is £35,000 and Barnaby says that's right.

Banker's offer:

The banker says he was going to offer £3,500 but decided to nudge it up a little. Barnaby talks about how the band needs money for equipment etc.

Barnaby says

Round 5
18 - Andrew - £5,000
11 - Paul - £250
5 - Chris - £5

Catapult time

Noel runs through the catapult twist...

The player has to catapult a ball of paper across the studio into a bin.

The player gets 1 practice shot, then they decide whether to have 4 shots or 2 shots.

If they choose 4 shots and get 1 of them in, they win a holiday. If they miss, then they carry on as normal.

If they choose 2 shots and get 1 of them in, they win a holiday and get an offer after every box. But if both shots miss, the banker looks in the player's box.

The banker allows Andrew to give Barnaby some advice and stand with him while he does the shots.

Barnaby takes a practice shot but misses. He decides to go for 2 shots.

Barnaby misses the 1st shot.

Barnaby misses the 2nd shot.

Barnaby's box gets taken away for the banker to have a look in.

Banker time

Noel reminds us that the banker told the truth when he looked in Alphonso's box. Barnaby's box is returned with the banker's black seal on it. The banker says he likes Barnaby and is a big music and guitar fan, and he's not going to lie. He says Barnaby's got a blue in his box, so he's not sure how to play this one.

Banker's offer:

The banker says he wanted to offer over-the-odds to ensure Barnaby doesn't go to the end and swap. Barnaby says his band has a song about Red 9, which is why he's left box 9. Andrew says Barnaby hasn't come here for £2,000.

Barnaby says

Round 6
Candi's ill today so Paul opens her box.
21 - Candi (opened by Paul) - £3,000
3 - Sharleen - £750
22 - Becky - £35,000

Banker time with £1 and £15,000 remaining...

The banker says again that he's not lying, and Barnaby has £1 in box 1.

NO MONEY is being offered.

Banker's offer:

Barnaby has always said he wouldn't swap.

Barnaby says

Barnaby wins £15,000 from his box 1.

The other contestants rush out to congratulate Barnaby.

Box 9 with Keith contains the £1

Noel says that was an amazing bit of courage to go against the pressure of the banker.

Noel announces that's the end of term, and DoND will return on Monday 29th August, with Noel's Hall of Fame in the meantime.

We then get to see some clips of DoND from this season...

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