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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rosie's Deal or No Deal Game Report 23/08/11

Rosie has box 8. Rosie Murrell is from Bristol. Noel talks about Rosie's elephant incident during her time on the wings when she talked about "normal" elephants. Rosie has brought a friend and her boyfriend along to support her. We see a picture of Rosie's family taken at her 18th birthday.

Round 1
Rosie wants to stand near Noel as she doesn't want to be alone and then tells him to stop tacking the mickey.
17 - Annie - £20,000
Rosie points out that the £20,000 has been going early recently. Noel also says £100,000 has as well.
11 - Nyomi - £10,000
Noel thought for a moment it was the £100,000.
9 - Gordon - 1p
16 - Charlotte - £5
21 - Sharleen - £500

Banker time
The banker talks about Rich's game and how it split the nation over what he did. The Banker talks about Rosie's passionate 1p kiss. Noel thinks the Banker is still trying to work Rosie out.

Banker's offer:

Rosie says if her Mum was here she would most probably tell her to deal.

Rosie says

Round 2
Rosie hopes to be clinical psychologist and Noel asks if she can spell it. Rosie has a horse impression that she wants to "bang out" later.
13 - Katie - £250,000
18 - newbie Lorraine - £750
5 - Terry - £35,000

Banker time
Noel says that's not good to take out £35,000 after hitting the £250,000. The Banker says Rosie is so lovely and he's a sucker for dimples. Noel tells Rosie to brace herself...

Banker's offer:

Rosie says

Round 3
3 - Berni - £1,000
14 - James - £100,000
Rosie is going to do her horse impression, but says she doesn't like anyone to look. Noel says we will see Rosie's horse impression soon. Rosie would like a new car.
4 - Gary - £3,000

Banker time
The Banker says to Noel to stop pressuring Rosie to do her impressions. The Banker has said if Rosie does her horse impression he will turn all the lights down in the studio so no one can see. The lights get turned down in the studio and Rosie does her horse impression.

Banker's offer:

Rosie says

Round 4
2 - Paul - 10p
12 - Gurpal - £5,000
6 - Wayne - £10

Banker time
Noel says it's a shame it wasn't an all blue round. Noel says you can't argue with the Banker here. If the £250,000 remains the offer will go up, but with only £50,000 & £75,000 they will never rise sharply.

Banker's offer:

Rosie asks for some advice and is told to be prepared for the worst. Her boyfriend says remember what she said about gambling. Rosie says the more shows you are there for you start to take more risks in your head and how sometimes they've paid off for some people, but not for others. Paul says you need to keep the £50,000 & £75,000 in play and if you don't you won't get that offer again. He says he would play on here.

The Banker rings and says he will help Rosie. You have had advice from your friends on the wings, but they're imbeciles, but the Banker is a genius. If you have an all blue round you will have a see-saw round and he would offer £15,000 and that's why he would take £7,000 now as the best outcome is that Rosie would only double her next offer.

Rosie says

Round 5
Rosie says she is frightened and Noel wants to see the bubbly Rosie back.
7 - Mark - £75,000
50p has to be in one of the next 2 boxes says Noel.
22 - Kirsty - £15,000
It's now a one box game and we have one box to go says Noel.
1 - Dave - £50

Banker time
The Banker says he did try to tell Rosie last time and he thinks some of the people on the wings give bad advice. He tells Rosie if she wants more money from this game she'll have to be more lucky.

Banker's offer:

The Banker rings up again and says he wants to see Rosie's T-Rex impression. If she does it now the Banker will allow her to go on one box at a time.

Rosie does her T-Rex impression and the Banker rings up and says if Rosie does no deal this offer he'll allow her to go on one box at a time. Rosie calls her boyfriend down from the audience and asks for his opinion. Rosie says she would not like to go home with a blue. Gurpal thinks it's worth the risk going on one box at a time.

Rosie says

Round 6 - Proveout -Part 1

19 - Fred - 50p

The perfect start

Banker's offer:

Round 6 - Proveout - Part 2

20 - Keith - £1

Banker's offer:

Round 6 - Proveout - Part 3

10 - Danielle - £50,000

Banker time with £100 & £250 remaining

Banker's offer:

Noel opens Rosie's box 8 to reveal £250. Box 15 with Vivienne has £100.

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