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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Becky's Deal or No Deal Game Report 21/08/11

Becky has Box 13 today. Rebecca Mann is a shop assistant in a health and beauty store. She has a picture of her and her boyfriend, Bute, in front of a waterfall in Wales. Noel mocks Bute's name! She also has her sister Charlotte, he Dad Gary and her Mum Sue with her for support.

She also has a picture of her family at a fancy dress party, and a doll called Bruno, who looks a bit like Noel! She puts it in front of the board.

Round 1

Box 11 with Keith - £3,000

Keith struggles with his box opening!

Becky says all the boxes look the same!

Box 19 with Danielle - £15,000

Gurpal next, and Becky says she slapped him in the lip!

Box 1 with Gurpal - £750

Charlotte next, and Noel says she's looking for love.

Box 5 with Charlotte - £500

Box 10 with Nyomi - 1p

Nyomi struggles with her box opening too!

Banker time.
Noel asks the Banker about black tights, and if he is wearing any! The Banker says Becky's the first player to bring a life sized model of the host! He says they look like the Weasley twins!

Banker's offer:

Becky says:

Round 2

Noel says Becky could cause an upset. She knows a lot about how the game has unfolded over the years, and how thirteen is the longest run of blues!

Rich next, and he talks about his beauty treatments!

Box 7 with Rich - £10,000

Becky says the Noel doll is talking to her, and is saying '21 - Kirsty'.

Box 21 with Kirsty - £20,000

Noel checks what the doll is saying now, and it says a recorded message about 'Becky loving you'!

Box 17 with Vivienne - £5

Banker time.
Becky says it could go either way. Noel impersonates the Banker's voice, and says he sounds like Frank Spencer! Becky says she should have taken the recorded message out. Noel imagine's Keith's CareBear!

Banker's offer:

Becky says no more mocking about the doll! Her Dad talks about Beckworld, where money grows on trees, and everyone gets a bank card in the Autumn. Becky says there are only two sums that will get her out.

Becky says:

Round 3

Box 4 with Mark - £50,000

That's a great shame, says Noel.

Box 3 with Rosie - £100,000

That has totally transformed the game, says Noel. Noel talks about all the good-luck charms we've had, and how the Noel lookalike doll plays a message for her boyfriend!

Box 6 with newbie Terry - 50p

Banker time.
Noel says we finally get a co-operative newbie! The Banker doesn't like Terry, as he didn't get the memo about newbies having big numbers! He says it's the sort of board where big money comes from a big gamble.

Banker's offer:

Becky's sister and her boyfriend offer some advice. Kirsty says the East Wing is a lucky wing, as all except Deb have dealt a good sum. Paul says he'll stick if he takes out the reds.

Becky says:

Round 4
Lauren is unwell today.
Box 12 with Gary - £1
Box 2 with James - £50
Box 18 with Sharleen - £10

Banker time.
You will have a dilemma now, says Noel.

Banker's offer:

He's gotta go that high, says Noel. Becky gets advice from the wings. Dave asks if she feels lucky. Rich says he thinks it's worth it with three of the Power 5 left. Kirsty and Paul think it'll go down rapidly if the 250k goes, but 35k or less would be an increase or a stick. Dave says she should be able to live with her decision.

Becky says:

Round 5 - proveout round

Box 9 with Wayne - £100

You've gotta find the top two, says Noel.

Box 22 with Berni - £250

You've had six blues in a row, says Noel. This has to be the 250k.

Box 14 with Dave - £1,000

Banker time.
The Banker says the bad round made it difficult for her.

Banker's offer would've been:

Round 6 - proveout round

Becky says the doll has been holding onto the 250k.

Box 15 with Paul - 10p

Box 20 with Fred - £5,000

Amazing, says Noel. You've created two sensational rounds! This is so cruel, he says.

Box 16 with Lauren (opened by Paul) - £35,000

Banker time with £75,000 and £250,000 remaining.

The Banker remembers Suzanne's game, who has a similar finish. He laughs wildly down the phone, and (unsurprisingly) gets booed!

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel reveals £250,000 in Becky's Box 13.

Box 8 with Katie contains £75,000.

Becky says she would've gone at 35k, so she'd never have had the 250k. She's still absolutely gutted, but pleased with 16k! She apologises to everyone!

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