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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chris' Deal or No Deal Game Report 17/08/11

Chris has box 21. Chris is from Sussex, and he explains that his mum used to enter lots of competitions, and she won a Lee Westwood signed golf glove, which Chris has with him today. He introduces us to his family in the audience, and says he's currently doing an apprenticeship and has ambitions to go travelling and set up a business.
Round 1
Chris talks about how number 21 is important in his life, and he has box 21.
11 - Katie - £3,000
19 - Kirsty - £75,000
6 - Sharleen - £35,000
"Ooh no", says Noel.
13 - Paul - £100
14 - Mark - £750

Banker time
The banker makes fun of how Chris lives at home rent-free!

Banker's offer:
Dirty tarnished silver spoon

Chris says

Round 2
Noel says Chris has upset the banker as he thinks Chris is a spoilt child who's rolling in money, and Chris says that's not true!
16 - Loz - £500
2 - Debbie - £15,000
10 - James - £10

Banker time
The banker says Noel is Chris's butler, and he says he's jealous of Chris, as he has it in him to be a loose cannon.

Banker's offer:

Chris says he wasn't expecting that, and Noel says the banker's trying to tap into "sensible Chris" rather than "loose-cannon Chris". Chris's dad says that's a lot of money, and he could pay him some rent if he dealt.

Chris says

Round 3
20 - Rich - 50p
8 - Wayne - £50,000
Chris puts on his Lee Westwood signed golf glove for luck!
3 - Danielle - £5,000

Banker time
The banker says he still sees Chris as two people.

Banker's offer:

Chris says he agrees with the banker that his sensible side is currently battling with his gambler side. He asks his family in the audience and they say he could do a lot with the money.

Chris says

Round 4
Noel says it's good that Chris ignored the banker's taunts at the start of the game.
18 - Keith - £100,000
12 - Nyomi - £50
17 - Gurpal - £20,000

Banker time
Chris says he doesn't know what to think of the board now. The banker says Chris must know the stakes if he carries on, and he quotes the almost 40% chance of taking out the £250k.

Banker's offer:

Chris says this is so hard, and he doesn't normally get emotional, but he felt himself welling up earlier, as this game could set him up for life. Chris says he thinks that's a decent offer, and he reckons his family would tell him to deal. His dad says it's a fantastic offer, and the odds are against him. His brother says he'll never have a chance to win £250k again and it may be in his box.

Chris asks for the question and the banker phones. The banker says he understands Chris would be devastated if he dealt and found £250k in his box, so he's changed the offer.

Banker's offer:

Chris says the banker comes out with some classic things, and he has nothing but love for him! The banker rings back and says there's another new offer now...

Banker's offer:

Chris's dad says the banker must have loads of respect for Chris, and Chris talks about imagining going to the bank with £8k. Noel agrees, but also asks Chris to imagine what the next offer will be after a good round.

Chris says

Round 5
Noel says Chris is definitely an 'OHO'.
15 - Rosie - 1p
Noel says it's significant that Chris found the 1p as he never had the 1p while he was on the wings.
9 - Gary - £5
Noel says we're nearly there...
4 - Becky - £10,000

Banker time
Noel says that ws an astonishing round. The banker says he respects courage and even frightens him.

Banker's offer:

Chris says the £250k is still there, and his dad says he knows Chris wanted to go all the way if the £250k's on the board, but he says there's no other backup, and he thinks he should take the £12k. Paul says that's real money and is a year's wage, and the amounts on the board are just values.

The banker rings back and picks up on a comment Chris's dad said about him being happy with £15k, but he's not going to up the offer as he thinks £12k is more than enough.

Chris says

Round 6
Noel says it feels like that was an extraordinary gamble, and he reminds us that no man has won the £250,000 yet.
1 - Charlotte - £1,000
5 - Lauren - £250
The banker rings and says the next offer will be in the region of 50p or £50,000, and he says he can't remember the last time the potential swing in offer was that big.
7 - Fred - 10p

Banker time with £1 and £250,000 remaining...

Chris's dad tells him to think about this offer! The banker says he now really regrets not upping the last offer to £15k!

Banker's offer:

Chris says he wants to win the £250k! Chris's mum says the offer is real money, and she tells him to imagine the money in his pocket. Paul says Chris's luck has to end sometime, and others mutter that he should take it. Noel says he hasn't got a clue what Chris is going to say now.

Chris says

Noel says this is one of the biggest spankings ever if this is £1.

Chris has £250,000 in his box 21.

Box 22 with Berni contains the £1

Noel asks Chris how close he was to gambling, and he says he may have gone for it if his parents hadn't been here!

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