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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Victoria's Deal or No Deal Game Report 05/07/11

Victoria has box 4 today. Victoria is a vintage clothing market trader, and she tells us how she got involved in it through her husband David who is in the audience for support. We get to see some of Victoria's photos, one of her wedding and another of her son. Victoria also has her cousin-in-law in the audience for support.
Round 1
2 - £35,000 Andy
6 - £250,000 Fred
17 - 10p Deb
Brenda next, and Noel asks her about her go-karting that she does, and she has been doing for 20 years. The Banker calls and tells Noel to stop talking about cars all day, and the pilgrims have to vote if Noel should be thrown out of the studio!!
19 - 50p Brenda
12 - £50,000 Vinny

Banker time
That was a horrible opening round says Noel. The Banker says the pilgrims have made his day by telling Noel to stop talking about cars.

Banker's offer:

Victoria says

Noel bores all the pilgrims with his car chat!

Round 2
1 - £5,000 Ken
8 - £75,000 Roman
Oh no says Noel, and this is going to take quite a battle to get something out this game now. Victoria remains positive
9 - £3,000 Jia

Banker time
Noel hopes that Victoria isn't going to be joining a certain club. The Banker says that Victoria is in a lot of trouble and she is going to need a lot of luck now.

Banker's offer:

Victoria says

Round 3
11 - £10,000 Cindi
5 - £15,000 Glenda
This is absolutely incredible says Noel, and thinks Victoria is totally up against it now.
7 - £20,000 Boniface

Banker time
Noel says we know that statistically a game like this will pop up every so often. The Banker says there is a serious chance that Victoria won't see another offer in 4 figures now.

Banker's offer:

Victoria says she is trying to remain positive, and her husband tells her she can turn this around. Victoria then does her wicked witch of the west impression to the Banker.

Victoria says

Round 4
Noel gets Andy to do his joke of the day.
22 - £100 Barnaby
13 - £250 Boo
10 - £1 Jacky

Banker time
You did it, an all-blue round says Noel. The Banker says that every decision Victoria makes now has to be a gamble.

Banker's offer:

Victoria says she has stood on the wings so many times that taking out that one box will end the game, and if she was standing on the wings she thinks she would say deal. Victoria says she feels she couldn't deal with going home with 1p, and the £2,500 is such a lot of money to her.

Victoria says

Round 5
21 - £1,000 Andrew
Oh no, says Noel.
16 - £5 Tony
The Banker calls and says that Deal is a game that loves drama, and the game is toying with Victoria now and this final box will kill the game
18 - £750 Em

Banker time
You were wrong Noel tells the Banker.

Banker's offer:

Noel says that the Banker said if Victoria is brave enough to decline this, her bravery will be reflected in the final offer. Victoria says this is her highest offer of the game, and Noel says that this could be a spanking, but Victoria says she feels like gambling. The Banker calls and would be delighted for Victoria to gamble and fail, so if Victoria says NO DEAL he will allow her to open one more box and he will then call and make another offer. Victoria says she doesn't want to go home with a blue and £6,000 can do so much for her, and she wonders why she is even struggling with this. The Banker calls back and says that it is only one tiny box, and he doesn't think that Victoria has what it takes. Victoria says she thinks she has.

Victoria says

Round 6 - 1st box.

20 - 1p Max

Banker time
Noel says millions of voices just went YES, but one voice just went NO! The Banker says that didn't go well for him.

Banker's offer:

The Banker says that if Victoria declines this offer she will only have to open 1 box again. Victoria says she is trying to work out what the next offer will be. The banker calls and says if she avoids the £100,000 it will be between £17,000 and £20,000. The Banker says that Victoria now has 10 seconds to answer the question.

Victoria says

Round 6 - 2nd box - Proveout

3 - £500 Newbie Candi

Banker time

Banker's offer would've been:

Round 6 - Final box - Proveout

15 - £10 Charlotte

Banker time with £50 and £100,000 remaining

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel opens Victorias box 4 and reveals £100,000

Box 14 with Andre contains the £50

It was £100,000 if you went all the way, but you still have £10,000 says Noel.

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