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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Max's Deal or No Deal Game Report 26/07/11

Max has box 13 today. Max is from Wolverhampton, and Noel says she has had a hard time recently, and Max explains how her sister died recently of ovarian cancer. She shows us a picture of herself with her late sister and has her brother-in-law in the audience for support today.

Round 1
9 - 50p Newbie Paul
12 - £20,0000 Jade
14 - £3,000 Alphonso
18 - £1,000 Berni
22 - £35,000 Loz

Banker time
Banker says he has had an extraordinary day today, and found all the having a go on the catapult earlier. He talks about how Tony didn't have any luck on it yesterday.

Banker's offer:

Max says

Round 2
2 - £750 Becky
4 - £250,000 Rich
Noel goes over and takes the gold star off Rich's name badge
6 - £100 Danielle

Banker time
The Banker says that Rich is at the top of his class. He talks about how Tony's game fell apart at the start yesterday, and Max's is going the same way.

Banker's offer:

Max says

Max says she is 40 and lives with her mum and dad and 6 dogs, so could really do with winning enough to get a place of her own.

Round 3
3 - £500 Keith
7 - 1p Gurpal
Gurplal and Max run off to the bike shed for their 1p kiss
5 - £1 Barnaby

Banker time
We are on a roll now Noel tells the Banker.

Banker's offer:

Round 4
10 - £15,000 Candi
15 - £50 Kirsty
19 - £10,000 Andrew

Banker time
Max asks for a show of hands on who would deal, and only about 9 of the pilgrims raise their hands. The Banker calls and says he was surprised that so few raised their hands and thinks his offer might have been a bit low!

Banker's offer:

Max says

Round 5
17 - £100,000 Charlotte
That's made this very jumpy says Noel
21 - £75,000 Debbie
Unbelievable says Noel
1 - £5,000 Fred

Catapult time

What a round says Noel, you decimated the reds. The Banker calls and says that Max now has to make a decision. Noel says that with a 1-box game you really need to play the final round 1-box a time.

Catapult twist:

The player has to catapult a ball of paper across the studio into a bin.

The player gets 1 practice shot, then they decide whether to have 4 shots or 2 shots.

If they choose 4 shots and get 1 of them in, they win a holiday. If they miss, then they carry on as normal.

If they choose 2 shots and get 1 of them in, they win a holiday and get an offer after every box. But if both shots miss, the banker looks in the player's box.

Max takes a practice shot but misses. Max chooses to have 4 shots.

Max misses the 1st shot.

Max misses the 2nd shot.

Max misses the 3rd shot.

Max misses the 4th shot.

Banker time

That was close but no cigar says The Banker.

Banker's offer:

Max says

Round 6
8 - £5 Chris
20 - 10p Sharleen
Max says 11 means a lot to her, but she doesn't know if she should play it or not
16 - £10 Rosie

Banker time with 10p and £50,000 remaining

Max says she needs to sit down, and Noel asks to join her as well. The Banker says it wasn't just an all-blue round, it was the perfect all-blue round.

Banker's offer:

£15,000 could be a spanking says Noel. The Banker calls and says that he would offer Max the SWAP should she decline this offer, and she could bring box 11 to the table. Max's brother-in-law says that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and should she grasp that. Andrew says that she now has £15,000 to start a new life.

Max says

Noel feels we should play out the game as if Max said No Deal, and Max says she would have swapped.

Noel performs the Hypo-Swap

Max now has box 11 on the table.

Noel opens box 11 and reveals £250

Box 13 with James contains the £50,000

Max says she can't believe it, and for once in her life she is speechless.

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