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Friday, July 01, 2011

Karen's Deal or No Deal Game Report 01/07/11

Karen has box 8. Karen is a disconnections agent, and she explains she sends out people to turn companies' utilities off when they've not paid for them! The banker rings and says she sounds perfect and asks whether she's single. She explains she used to work as dancer on a cruise ship. We get to see a pic of Karen's parents and a pic of Karen working on the cruise ship.

Round 1
Karen does some dance moves, and the banker rings and says they're mandatory for each contestant, otherwise Karen won't get any offers!
16 - Graham - £250,000
Andrew next, and he takes to the walk of the wealth for his dance...
7 - Andrew - £5
5 - Tony - 10p
9 - Andre - £500
Karen talks about box 22 and how it's luck has changed recently. Noel shouts at her that it's random!
22 - Victoria - £100

Banker time
The banker says dance moves are optional!

Banker's offer:

Karen suddenly starts crying, and she says it's because reality has kicked in that it's her game and she'll be going soon. Karen asks for that to be edited, and the banker rings and says he's not editing that out. He also says tissues are £1 each from now on!

Karen says

Round 2
Noel apologises for previously mocking Karen's hair! The banker rings and says that's not good enough, and says Noel has to pay a forfeit! Noel goes off-set and can be heard shouting "NO" and he comes back on-set wearing a huge black wig.
15 - Boniface - £15,000
4 - Charlotte - £3,000
6 - Boo - £35,000

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Karen asks if her hair really looks like Noel's wig, and he says it does, then he gets the fake nose and glasses out and puts them on.

Karen says

Round 3
Noel asks why Karen's called the Grand Old Duke of York, and she said it originated from her manager as Karen is very up and down with emotions. Noel says it's just as well it's not because she's had 10,000 men.
12 - Jacky - £50
Micole next, and she dons Noel's wig and glasses and does some dance moves...
1 - Micole - £50,000
Noel says Karen's dreams include converting her loft and doing some things for her dad.
3 - Cindi - 50p

Banker time
The banker says there's nothing to pull the offer one way or the other.

Banker's offer:

Karen asks Graham, who says it's still a good board with good money on it and blues to hit. Brenda says it's an even board, and Karen says she's seen games crumble.

Karen says

Round 4
14 - Fred - £1
2 - Roman - £250
13 - newbie Vinny - £20,000

Banker time
The banker says he's toying between offering £10k and £11k.

Banker's offer:

Karen goes around asking for advice, including Em who says she'd probably go around, but that Karen should go with her gut feeling.

Karen says

Round 5
10 - Em - £75,000
17 - Brenda - £1,000
That's alright, says Noel.
11 - Ken - 1p

Banker time

Banker's offer:

The others give Karen advice, and highlight how if she takes out the £100k, then it's game over. They tell her she'd have to pull out 2 blues now to get a better offer. Karen says she knows what she'd advise others to do here.

Karen says
DEAL £12,000

Round 6 - proveout
21 - Deb - £10,000
18 - Andy - £100,000
Karen screams with delight!
20 - Jie - £750

Banker time with £10 and £5,000 remaining...

The banker says he's mystified why Karen's single, as she spanks on a first date.

Banker's offer would've been:

Karen has £10 in her box 8.

Box 19 with Max contains £5,000

Noel confirms this is a banker spanking, and Karen says she can't believe she's done it.

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