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Monday, July 11, 2011

Charlotte's Deal or No Deal Game Report 11/07/11

Charlotte has box 22. Charlotte is a student and part-time waitress. She is studying psychology, and has 2 part-time jobs, and one of her bosses is here at the moment. She also has her mum and dad in the audience for support, and Charlotte explains they are divorced, but they did sleep in the same hotel room last night, although nothing happened. She explains that her mum is looking for prince charming to sweep her off her feet. She also has her boyfriend in the audience for support. She shows us some family photos, and a lucky glitter globe.

Charlotte says she has been talking about box 22 since she applied for the show, and it's weird having it today.

Round 1
Charlotte wants to keep box 18 as it is her lucky number, even though she hasn't had any luck with it
1 - £3,000 Cindi
12 - £500 Alphonso
6 - £250 Jade
10 - £75,000 Debbie
8 - £20,000 Boniface

Banker time
The Banker says that Charlotte has had a mixed opening round, although under-estimating Charlotte would be a big mistake today, as he has noticed she is very on the ball.

Banker's offer:

Charlotte says it is tempting for a first offer, but she isn't going.

Charlotte says

Round 2
Noel talks to Barnaby about his band The Candy Runts. http://www.thecandyrunts.com/
16 - 10p Barnaby
3 - £35,000 Glenda
14 - £10,000 Max

Banker time
There is not enough blue damage at the moment says Noel

Banker's offer:

Charlotte says she didn't expect that. Her boyfriend says that they have talked about what she has come for, and there are lots of blues still on the board. Charlotte's dad says that they have played the game enough at home, and she knows what to do. Charlotte explains that they used her nan's tablet boxes to play the game!

Charlotte says

Round 3
11 - £1,000 Tony
15 - £50,000 Andrew
Charlotte shakes her glitter dome to try and get some luck
9 - £100,000 Jacky

Banker time
What a round says Noel, that is awful luck. The Banker says that the boxes may not give Charlotte the chance to prove anything today.

Banker's offer:

Charlotte says

Round 4
17 - £5 Boo
4 - £5,000 Candi
13 - £50 Jie

Banker time
This is going to require some courage now says Noel. The Banker reminds everyone about the conversion he had with Emma where he told her she had a 40% chance of taking out the big number, and she ignored him and then went on to take out the top amount. He reminds Charlotte she is now in the same position.

Banker's offer:

Charlotte turns to her dad, and he says that it is a good offer for the board, but she could replace that amount during her life, and Charlotte agrees that over time she could save that amount as she is a saver. Noel says that it says in Charlotte's file that she is a saver, and he is impressed by that as some young people go after the material things and get into debt, but Charlotte has saved around £2-3,000 in a couple of years. The Banker calls and says the £5,000 is tax-free and it would take her around 4 years to save the same amount.

Charlotte says

Round 5
19 - £250,000 Chris
That was astonishing bad luck says Noel
20 - £10 Newbie Loz
5 - £100 Vinny

Banker time
That isn't the 5-box you wanted says Noel. The Banker asks why no one listens to him.

Banker's offer:

Charlotte's boyfriend says that if she plays on she knows the boxes she is leaving

Charlotte says

Round 6
7 - £750 Deb
2 - £1 Roman
21 - 50p Ken

Banker time with 1p and £15,000 remaining

Noel says that he can't believe the similarity to Em's game here. Well, well, well says the Banker, as he wonders if Charlotte will become number 38 in the 1p club.

Banker's offer:

Noel tells he wants Charlotte to focus here and think how she would feel winning 1p. Charlotte turns to her boss and has a chat with her.

Charlotte says

The Banker calls and is certain that Charlotte with be the 38th member of the 1p club.

Banker's offer:

Charlotte says

Noel opens Charlotte's box 22 and reveals 1p

Box 18 with Brenda contains the £15,000

Charlotte becomes the 38th member of the 1p club.

Noel says he cannot recall a moment in the shows history when they have had 2 members in the 1p club so quickly.

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Matthew said...

Felt bad about the outcome of her game, was willing her to win, the girl had guts but unfortunately she ended up with the penny. Good game though