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Monday, July 04, 2011

Micole's Deal or No Deal Game Report 04/07/11

Micole has box 12 today. Micole is a student from Essex, and is studying sport. She says that she loves playing lots of sports, but hates hockey. Noel talks about Micole being deaf, and explains that her and her sister were both born deaf. She has her mum in the audience for support today, and we get to see a family picture, and another picture of Vic's sister who died 4 years ago, and Vic has done all the interpreting for Micole. We get to see a picture of Micole's nan, and she says that her nan doesn't believe that the boxes are filled at the start of the show, and so wants to see a shot of all the contestants feet behind the wings so that she can see no one puts the amounts in while they are playing!

Round 1
The Banker calls and wants to give his own personal greeting to Micole and Vic, and he has put a camera in his room we see him on the main screen signing something. Vic says that he has welcomed them to the show and he loves playing with 2 women at the same time!!

Micole doesn't have a system, but she wants to get rid of some numbers first.
22 - £50 Charlotte
Noel asks Micole about the tattoos that she has
13 - £500 Em
11 - £5,000 Jie
9 - £1 Glenda
17 - £35,000 Deb

Banker time
That is OK says Noel. The Banker says that it is testimony to Micole the impact she has made on everyone that the contestants have learnt sign language for her.

Banker's offer:

Micole says

Round 2
The Banker calls and says that they promised to show Micole's nan everyone's feet, and they will do that this round
19 - £20,000 Andrew
A shot of Ken's feet next.
15 - £5 Ken
A shot of Boo's feet next. Noel tells Boo to lift up her box so Noel can hit the wing to show that it is solid and there is nothing dodgy going on.
5 - £250 Boo

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Micole says

Round 3
Noel asks Micole what she would spend any money on, and she says she would share some with her family, and also travel around the world and visit other deaf schools
21 - £3,000 Newbie Barnaby
1 - £15,000 Cindi
Micole realises that she has left all even apart from 7,. and she will now leave that on until the end.
20 - £10 Fred

Banker time
The Banker says that there are too many big numbers left on the board, although he still has 3 of his power 5.

Banker's offer:

Micole turns to her mum who thinks there is still a lot of money in the game and there is at least one more round.

Micole says

Round 4
18 - £75,000 Brenda
16 - 1p Andre
6 - £10,000 Vinny

Banker time
That is a good 4-4 at 8-box says Noel.

Banker's offer:

Micole's mum says that is an amazing amount of money, but if she is sharing that with her brother and sister that makes it a lot smaller for her, and she still has some big money on the board.

Micole says

Round 5
14 - 50p Boniface
10 - 10p Victoria
Micole says she feels like she is going to cry. Noel gets all the pilgrims to sign 'Good luck' to Micole. Micole asks her sister to join her at the pound table.
4 - £100 Andy

Banker time
That is absolutely perfect, the perfect round says Noel. That is one of the most sensational 5-boxes for a long time, and this is up there as one of the best climaxes ever says Noel. The Banker says he doesn't believe it, and then we see a shot of him in his office holding up a 'HELP' sign.

Banker's offer:

Micole turns to her mum and asks what she does here. Her mum asks her what she feels, and Micole asks what if it all goes downhill from here, and her mum says she needs to do what is right for her, and everyone is behind her whatever happened. The Banker calls and says he has seen luck turn so quickly, and even if she has a six figure sum in her box, she has 40,000 reasons to deal now.

Micole says

Round 6
2 - £100,000 Max
8 - £50,000 Tony
Oh what, says Noel, and we are on the edge of the most heartbreaking round ever.
7 - £750 Roman

Banker time with £1,000 and £250,000 remaining

You are a frightening young lady says Noel. The Banker wants this to be over right now.

Banker's offer:

This is incredible says Noel, and normally in a game there is one setback round, but Micole's game has just climbed and climbed. Micole's mum says she can do so much with that money, and she has to ask herself if she is brave enough to go with her own box. Micole says she doesn't know what she would be most disappointed with.

Micole says

Noel talks about Micole's lucky number 3, and asks if she would have swapped. Micole says that she would have, so Noel does the hypo-swap.

Micole now has box 3, and Noel opens it to reveal £250,000

Jacky with box 12 contains the £1,000

Micole says that she doesn't know what to say, she is so happy with what she has got.

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