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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Zoleika's Deal or No Deal Game Report 16/06/11

Zoleika has box 11. Zoleika is a supermarket assistant and a receptionist at a health farm. She says she used to hold the title of "stunner of the year" at the supermarket! Noel talks to her about her eyelashes and she says they're natural! We get to see a photo of Zoleika as a child, and she introduces us to her sister in the audience. We also get to see a pic of Zoleika doing reflexology. She does some reflexology on Noel's hand to show how it's done!

Round 1
10 - Olga - £100,000
12 - Charlie - £15,000
Zoleika says she's finding it really hard to choose the numbers, and she keeps seeing green when she thinks of what boxes to pick!
16 - G - £75,000
Noel spots someone eating mints in the audience and collects some for him and Zoleika!
1 - Victoria - £1
Zoleika talks to her sister about numbers they spoke about, and Noel talks to the woman who gave him the mints!
7 - Brenda - 1p

Banker time
The banker talks about the woman in the audience and how she's from Spain, and he says they call Noel "El Beardo" in Spain.

Banker's offer:

Zoleika says she'd never be able to save that. Zoleika says she's forgotten how to ask Noel for the question!

Zoleika says

Round 2
9 - Anthony - £100
8 - Beryl-Anne - £250,000
22 - Stacey - 50p

Banker time
The banker says he thinks Zoleika is being determined, but it's a struggle with this board.

Banker's offer:

Zoleika says

Round 3
19 - Em - £10
Zoleika says this is so hard, and she has to sit down before choosing the next box. She reckons she's thinking too much, and the banker phones and says he thinks Noel's correct!
13 - newbie Ken - £20,000
The banker rings and asks if anyone has a mint, and Noel gets the woman in the audience to deliver some to the banker.
14 - Graham - £10,000

Banker time
Before the banker phones, Noel gets Andy to do his joke of the day. The banker says he's relieved to have the mints.

Banker's offer:
£1,000 + duvets for everybody!

Zoleika says

Round 4
20 - Hayley - £250
15 - Karen - 10p
6 - Seema - £50,000

Banker time
The banker says he thought Zoleika's spirituality would take her to new heights.

Banker's offer:

Karen tells Zoleika to be brave, but not reckless.

Zoleika says

Round 5
Noel runs through some of Zoleika's dreams, including getting a car and buying shoes! He also says she likes to paint and then watch the paint dry!!
5 - Andy - £1,000
18 - Charlotte - £500
3 - John - £750

Banker time
Noel says the banker's butler is on the phone as the banker has had a sugar crash!

Banker's offer:

Zoleika says the offer is half her annual salary.

Zoleika says

Round 6
21 - Gary - £35,000
4 - Andre - £5
2 - Macka - £3,000

Banker time with £50 and £5,000 remaining...

The banker's back after his rest.

Banker's offer:

Zoleika says she'd no deal if she got the swap. The banker phones and asks if that would mean this would all be over! So he agrees to the swap.

Zoleika says

Zoleika confirms she would've swapped here.

Noel swaps Zoleika's box 11 for Ted's box 17.

Noel reveals £5,000 in box 17.

Box 11 now with Ted contains the £50

Zoleika says she'll go shopping and take some driving lessons now!

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