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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Iain's Deal or No Deal Game Report 08/06/11

Iain has box 11 today.

Noel winds up Ian about his surname of Minto. Iain supplies janitorial supplies, and Noel asks him his best line, and Iain says that it is bog rolls! We get to see some of Iain's photos, and one if of Iain ironing on a surfboard in a swimming pool! He has his friend in the audience for support today.

Round 1
12 - £100 Newbie Macka
6 - £100,000 Olga
21 - 50p Seema
8 - £50 Danni
10 - £15,000 Poppy

Banker time
That lacks lusture says Noel. The Banker thinks that Poppy is drunk again after calling Noel Iain just now! The Banker says he was most pleased to see the £15,000 go in that round, as on Monday he was hoping Sam had the £15,000 but she didn't, and yesterday he was hoping Ade didn't have the £15,000, but he did.

Banker's offer:

Iain says

Noel asks Iain the question again as he says that Iain cut him off before he could complete the question! Noel asks again, and again Iain says NO DEAL. Noel tells a story of how Iain drove a Morris Minor into a lamppost going 70mph backwards and on fire!!

Round 2
16 - £5,000 Jonny
Noel talks to Ted about how he lost his sight, and also about his guide dogs.
14 - £10,000 Stacey
4 - £3,000 Leroy

Banker time
Iain says that there is now a big gap on the right. Iain then talks about how he had his car accident. The Banker says that was an interesting round.

Banker's offer:

Iain says he wasn't expecting that. Noel runs through some of Ian's dreams, he wants a holiday, a boiler and also a pilots license

Iain says

Round 3
17 - £5 Anthony
15 - £10 Karen
9 - £1,000 Gary

Banker time
Noel talks about when Iain fell off a rope swing and broke lots of bones, and another time when he was showing off to some girls walking across a rope and ended up falling off into some water. The Banker says this is now an interesting board.

Banker's offer:

Noel turns to Iain's friend who thinks it is a fantastic offer and one to think about. Noel asks Iain about his mum who has a kidney disease and is on dialysis at the moment, he and his sister are having tests to see if they can donate either of their kidneys, and a good win today would help him take time off work should he be a suitable donor. Ted thinks that Iain has one more round.

Iain says

Round 4
5 - £75,000 Annette
20 - 1p Hayley
7 - £500 Zoleika

Banker time
Noel says that this is the point where we start wondering where the first male quarter millionaire is.

Banker's offer:

Iain's friend thinks it is another fantastic offer, but this time losing anything on the right of the board can be fatal. The Banker calls and says that with this situation of 4 v 4 you tend to take 2 of one colour and 1 of the other, and depending on which way that goes it can be fatal, and it's a coin flip now. Iain says that the offer is close to what he needs, but it's not quite there.

Iain says

The Banker calls and predicts that which ever colour Iain finds first will dictate the rest of the round.

Round 5
Iain says that he is going to take on the death box, but Beryl-Anne says she thinks it is a red.
22 - £50,000 Beryl-Anne
It looks like the Banker could be right and you are in trouble says Noel.
3 - £35,000 Victoria
1 - £1 John

Banker time
Wow says Noel. The Banker calls and says I told you so, and if Iain wants big money he is now going to have to play on now, and finally the odds are in the Banker's favour.

Banker's offer:

Noel asks if £18,500 is a lifeline, or does Iain need more money.

Iain says

Round 6 - Proveout round
2 - £750 Daryll
18 - £20,000 G
The Banker calls and says he would have phoned now and told Iain that his next offer would have been either £79 or £79,000
13 - £250,000 Charlie

Banker time with 10p and £250 remaining

It's not my week says the Banker

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel opens Iain's box 11 and reveals 10p

Box 19 with Ted contains the £250

Noel asks Iain if there was something else driving Iain on in the game, and Iain says that he runs a small business and his parents have helped him out so much, so he driven by that and trying to help them out.

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