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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Emma's Deal or No Deal Game Report 05/06/11

Emma has Box 20 today. Emma Randall is a visual merchandiser from Malvern. She talks about what it involves; she will stick to her job if she wins big. Her sister runs a pub, where Emma works every Thursday. She has a blue rabbit she got from her auntie when she was born with her; she says her dog ate it once, and she burried it in the garden! Noel throws it away! She has a photo of her niece.

Round 1
Box 6 with G - £50,000
Box 2 with Daryll - £1
You want more like that, says Noel.
Box 10 with Hayley - £100
Emma is tugging her dress as it's too short!
Box 12 with Stacey - £750
Emma loses count of how many boxes she's done!
Box 18 with Poppy - £3,000

Banker time.
The Banker criticises Emma for talking in a squeaky voice! He's seen her before, and asks if her clothing store has a branch in Amsterdam!

Banker's offer:
£8,000 + a longer skirt!

Emma says:

Emma is now wearing a green visor hat!

Round 2
Box 1 with Ade - £5,000
Leroy next, and he's looking for the kiss!
Box 3 with Leroy - £10
Box 9 with Sam - £1,000

Banker time.
The Banker says Ted's dog has been perked up! He think's Emma looks gorgeous now!

Banker's offer:

Emma says that's life changing for her.

Emma says:

Round 3
Ted next, and he says he's free and asks if Emma is blonde! Noel says we'll hear Ted's story next week, and Ted says he doesn't tell stories!
Box 14 with Ted - 1p
Noel points out that Ted is 90! Ted says he doesn't have a sweat on yet! He asks for another kiss! Emma's boyfriend isn't here, as he doesn't like attention.
Box 8 with John - £20,000
Emma's not worried, as she still has the three top ones. Noel says some will say the board is nice; other want to know how stupid the player is! Emma says her boyfriend will kill her for what she said earlier! Noel replaces Emma's hat with a pair of bunny ears!
Box 15 with Iain - £35,000

Banker time.
The Banker says he's playing a contestant half way through a hen night in Blackpool!

Banker's offer:

Noel gets his facts wrong, and says only two people have taken out the top three in a single round. Ron has done it too! The Banker punishes Noel by making him wear the bunny ears!

Emma says:

Round 4
Noel tells Emma not to be a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Box 22 with Danni - £5
Can you find another, says Noel. Can she actually take out the three lowest?
Box 11 with Beryl-Anne - £100,000
Emma wants the bunny ears back! Noel puts the visor hat on instead!
Box 4 with Charlie - £15,000

Banker time.
3-5 at 8-box, says Noel. There are parallels with Tony's game, he says, where made a gamble.

Banker's offer:

Ade says he'd go on, as there are more blues to hit. Emma says her aim was higher. G says it depends on her gambling. The Banker calls and says it's likely she'll take two blues and a red, but she musn't hit either of the two big ones. The Banker says he'll reward her if she goes on and it works out. Emma says she doesn't really need the money, but she'd be gutted if it doesn't work out.

The Banker calls back at the last minute, and says he wouldn't want to be in this situation.

Emma says:

Round 5
Box 7 with newbie Gary - 50p
The Banker said two blues and a red was most likely, says Noel.
Box 5 with Olga - £250
This is so important, says Noel.
Box 16 with Seema - £50

Banker time.
The Banker says Emma defied the odds.

Banker's offer:

Your courage is rewarded, says Noel. Emma thinks she has 75k; a lot of people have said she'd win it! Annette says 27k is massive. Jonny says he'd deal.

Emma says:

Round 6 (proveout)
Box 17 with Anthony - £250,000
Now, do something else perfect, says Noel.
Box 13 with Jonny - £500
Box 21 with Zoleika - 10p

Banker time with £10,000 and £75,000 remaining.

Emma says her boyfriend predicted she'd have 75k in her box!

Banker's Offer would have been:

Noel reveals £75,000 in Emma's Box 20.

Annette reveals £10,000 in Box 19.

Your boyfriend was right, says Noel. Emma can't beleive she's won 27k! Her boyfriend isn't getting any of the money! She can keep the ears!

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