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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Zanna's Deal or No Deal Game Report 29/04/10

Noel wanders over to the wings and talks about some extraordinary things that happen on the show, and talks about how for ages the £250,000 had no influence on the games and the past few shows it has had a great influence and could have even been won.

Zanna has box 10 today. Zanna skips down the walk of wealth and has her bear 'Butler' with her. She has her fiance in the audience for support today, and Zanna tells the story of how he proposed. He proposed on her 21st birthday on a canal while having a picnic, Zanna then shows how the bear 'Butler' actually has a voice message from her fiance asking her to marry her Zanna says the wedding is planned for August next year. We get to see Zanna's family photos.

Zanna says she wants a lot of noise and jumping around for her game!

Round 1
9 - £1,000 Kelly
4 - £3,000 Sharon
7 - £10 Dave
2 - 1p Brendan
Lots of jumping and shouting from Zanna for that one
20 - £100,000 Safina

Banker time
That was a sting in the tail says Noel. The Banker is heard shouting down the phone imitating Zanna The Banker says that Zanna is the first player ever to get engaged to a bear!

Banker's offer:

Zanna says

Round 2
17 - £250 Lisa
11 - £500 Craig
18 - 10p Josephine

Banker time
Welcome to the madhouse Noel says to the Banker. The Banker asks Cookie why he was crying when Zanna was called out as the contestant, and Cookie says she means a lot to all the contestants so he had better treat her well!

Banker's offer:

Zanna says that is a hell of a lot of money. Noel asks why the wedding is being planned so far away, and Zanna says it is because of the money.

Zanna says

Round 3
8 - £750 Lee
Lots more jumping and shouting from Zanna
14 - £1 David
Even more jumping and shouting!
16 - £100 Cookie

Banker time
WOW exclaims Zanna. The Banker says he is in a lot of trouble at the moment, and the board is a terrifying sight at the moment.

Banker's offer:

Zanna turns to her fiance who says it is a very nice board.

Zanna says

Round 4
5 - £50,000 Steve
It had to happen says Zanna
6 - £250,000 Paul
Ooohhh that is a proper crash says Noel, and if the £75,000 is next the atmosphere will totally change.
15 - £20,000 Fran

Banker time
We wasn't braced for that bad a round says Noel.

Banker's offer:

That offer helps me says Zanna, and it is a no brainer.

Zanna says

Round 5
12 - £5 Newbie Liam
19 - £10,000 De
This is the box that will give us the shape of the game says Noel.
3 - £35,000 Jonny

Banker time
Now the £22,500 seems like a monsterous sum of money says Noel, and he thinks the Banker will try and see if Zanna is a gambler now. The Banker is tempted to offer £7,500

Banker's offer:

Zanna says this is the type of offer you have to reject if you want to win the life-changing money. Zanna goes over to the wings for advice as she struggles with the decision. She can't believe what a great board she had and talks about needing a deposit for a house and doesn't know how brave she is. She turns to her fiance and he says that you have to be brave if you are playing on. The Banker calls back and says Zanna will be really brave to turn down the £11,000, and if she keeps the £75,000 in play he will guarantee a highly generous offer. Zanna goes to Jonny for more advice. Noel says the Banker is making that guarantee as the odds are in his favour.

Zanna says

Round 6
1 - £15,000 Mary
That doesn't destroy the game says Noel, but it is now a one-box game
21 - £5,000 Emma
Oh what a decision says Zanna.
The Banker calls back and says that if Zanna stop right now he will give her

Banker's offer:

Zanna says

Round 6 - Final box
13 - £50 Natalie

Banker time with 50p and £75,000 remaining

Wow, oh dear me says Noel.

Banker's offer:

Zanna says she can't take any more!

Zanna says

There is bravery and there is stupidity says Noel, and you got that game back again.

Noel opens box 10 and reveals £75,000

Michael with box 22 contains the 50p

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