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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ciara's Deal or No Deal Game Report 13/04/10

Noel says what a game yesterday with Tom and he talks about how a mysterious thing happened on the walk of wealth, because Tom was going to go for it but he dealt.

Ciara has box 6. Ciara is doing a postgrad in primary school teaching at Bath. We get to see some pics including a pic of Ciara's family when her mum got married, and she's in the audience today. Ciara has a tube with her and she explains that she enjoyed painting when she was younger and a painting she did won a competition! The painting is inside the tube, and she gets it out and it's a smiley sunflower.

Round 1
Ciara says she hopes faces will pop out at her!
15 - Zanna - £1,000
4 - Julie - £500
9 - Zaid - 10p
18 - Brendan - 50p
14 - Kelly - 1p

Banker time
The banker says he's thinking he's in trouble because Ciara is positive and determined and the boxes are being kind to her! He says Ciara's painting is the best pic of an alien with its head on fire that he's ever seen!

Banker's offer:

Noel says he can't recall an opening offer like that this year.

Ciara says

Round 2
21 - Josephine - £250,000
17 - Davinia - £3,000
3 - Andy G - £250

Banker time
The banker says he enjoys the fact that Ciara made Noel look a fool over the pronunciation of her name! He says that was the highest opening offer for 2 years.

Banker's offer:

Ciara says that's a teasing offer, but she sees a nice chunk of reds!

Ciara says

Round 3
Sal next, and Noel has some banter with Sal who ended her thing with the banker as she found out what his fetish was! She says it has something to do with keeping socks on!
1 - Sal - £5,000
13 - newbie Cookie - £10,000
22 - Caroline - £75,000

Banker time
Noel says that was a horrible round. The banker says this makes up for the hard week he's had so far, as he's recently become single again! He asks Sal for his socks back.

Banker's offer:

Ciara asks Adam, who says it's a great offer but she still has lots of reds.

Ciara says

Round 4
12 - Mary - £50
2 - Glen - £35,000
7 - Ray - £100

Banker time
The banker asks what Adam would think of various offers for this board, and they agree £16k is good but it wouldn't stop Ciara.

Banker's offer:

Noel asks if Ciara has some student debts to pay off and she says she owes some money to her parents. Ciara's mum says it's a very good offer, and Adam says she could have a red hit in the next round but must also take out some blues. Ciara's mum says she'd feel very sorry for her if she went on and it went wrong, and the banker phones back and says "mother knows best".

Ciara says

Round 5
11 - Mo - £5
19 - Gareth - £20,000
Noel says that doesn't tell us enough about which way the game's swinging.
10 - Lee - £50,000

Banker time
The banker says he thinks that was a courageous decision and now it's a precarious scenario.

Banker's offer:

Noel says that's very reasonable. Adam says this has to be Ciara's full decision now, and Ciara's mum says she'd have to hit 3 blues in the next round.

Ciara says

Round 6 (proveout)
16 - Adam - £100,000
5 - Jonny - £10
20 - Emma - £1

Banker time with £750 and £15,000 remaining

The banker says this group of people have courage and wisdom and it's giving him heartache.

Banker's offer would've been:

Ciara has £15,000 in her box 6.

Box 8 with Emily contains the £750

Ciara says she's going to buy a holiday for her parents and pay the money back!

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