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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gareth's Deal or No Deal Game Report 25/04/10

Noel starts off the show by saying the show is always honest with its viewers, and he runs through some events in the past where the show has been very honest. He says there's been travel chaos in Bristol this afternoon! As such, lots of audience members couldn't make it, so we have lots of DoND's crew and staff in the audience today. Noel says this doesn't change a thing and we're going to have a sensational game today.

Gareth has box 2. Noel comments on the number of big values Gareth has had while he's been on the wings! Noel says Gareth is a 'stay at home' dad and he talks a bit about his new family. He talks about how he normally works in tree surgery and his target today is to get enough money to train and get his career sorted. Gareth's partner is in the audience today and she gives a strange wave to Noel.

We get to see a pic of their daughter and Gareth shows us a little box which has a peanut in it! He says they have a nickname for their daughter which is 'peanut' which is why he has one with him today...

Round 1
20 - Fran - £3,000
21 - Sal - £10
6 - newbie Emma H - £20,000
18 - Dave - £1
4 - Paul - £5,000

Banker time
The banker says we've got the ugliest, stupidest bunch of pilgrims today, and he tells them to get back to work. He says he's worried about what Gareth has in his box and says he's an enigma.

Banker's offer:

Gareth says

Round 2
10 - Brendan - £5
1 - Lisa - £10,000
Noel says this is a different game because we have a lot of staff members in the studio today. Noel has a go at the camera man who is also sitting in the audience!
7 - Craig - £250

Banker time
Noel says this board is an interesting configuration and the banker recognises Gareth's dreams and determination.

Banker's offer:

Noel says that's the amount Andy G was happy to deal at on Friday. Gareth says he'll be honest and he says that money would do a lot for him. His partner says there's another round in it.

Gareth says

Round 3
11 - Safina - £1,000
17 - Lee - £100,000
Gareth remains optimistic.
12 - Kelly - £750

Banker time
Natalie says Gareth still has the £250,000 and Noel asks what MENSA is doing without her! She then asks what MENSA is. The banker says he really wants Gareth to leave now...

Noel asks what Gareth thinks about £17,000...

Banker's offer:

Noel says the banker thinks he's guessed Gareth's target, but Gareth says he's missed the target and the banker's not considering that he doesn't just want the money for himself. Gareth asks Mo for some advice, and De also gives some. Noel has a go at De because Gareth had said he didn't want people piping up with advice! De says she misheard Gareth saying that, so Noel changes her namebadge to read 'DEAF'.

Gareth says

Round 4
3 - Mary - 10p
8 - Josephine - 1p
Josephine gets a big 1p kiss from Gareth.
Noel talks about Gareth's ambitions to train in tree surgery and open a local community centre.
9 - Mo - £75,000

Banker time
The banker talks about Gareth's dream of doing something for the local community. He talks about how there's another little peanut on its way...

Banker's offer:

The banker says that's £20k, PLUS £5k for Gareth to do his tree surgeon training. Noel says it's "cashew could use". The banker phones back and says all he can see on the board is the 4 blues. Noel talks about how this is a personal battle. Gareth says it's a brilliant offer and Noel says most would've got £26k here, but Gareth says he didn't want to mention that!

The banker phones back and asks if Gareth would like the £26k, and Gareth says no-one's going to say no to more money! Gareth says this is Noel's fault.


Banker's offer:

Gareth asks his partner if she'd be annoyed if he no dealt, and she says she's not getting involved!

Gareth says

Round 5 (proveout)
5 - Sharon - £50
19 - De - £500
"OH NO" says Noel, and he says this could be horrendous.
15 - Emma - £15,000

Banker time
Noel says this is turning disastrous now.

Banker's offer would've been:

Round 6 (proveout)
14 - Zanna - £50,000
16 - Jonny - £250,000
22 - Cookie - £100

Banker time with 50p and £35,000 remaining

Banker's offer would've been:

Gareth has 50p in his box 2.

Box 13 with Natalie contains the £35,000

Gareth says the money will do everything for them.

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