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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Glen's Deal or No Deal Game Report 18/04/10

Noel reminds us of Friday's game with Julie where the Banker thought she was weird...he wonders if weirdness is a good quality to have...apparently Andy believes the Banker is Dale Winton, Zanna once mistook a tube of toothpaste for hair removal cream, and Mo's hobby is washing his car...Lee has a fear of wasps, has a huge superstitious nature as he salutes every magpie he sees...and hates the thought of wool anywhere near his mouth!

Glen brings box 1 to the table... Glen Tomlin...has something in common with Noel; same haircut since he was 19! Glen has brought a poppy with him in memory of his late grandpa as he was a big figure in his young life...we also see his father and brother in a recent picture; the latter has celebral palsy and is also a big part of his life. Girlfriend of 8 months Rachel is in the audience; "He's fit" was the first thought she had of him despite the dodgy haircut!

Round 1
Box 2 - Lee - £100,000
Noel immediately picks up on how often the £100,000 has gone in the first round lately!
Box 7 - Josephine - £15,000
Noel tells Glen to try harder!
Box 10 - newbie Fran - £10
Noel pressurizes Fran about her nerves!
Box 14 - Zanna - £5,000
Box 11 - Natalie - £75,000

Time for the Banker...
The Banker likes the newbie (Fran)...he once saw a film of a woman at similar age doing her first parachute drop and makes comparisons to her box opening

Banker's offer:

Glen says

Round 2
Box 21 - Zaid - 50p
Mo next, and he really likes stand-up comedians...and recites "Why did the golfer change his trousers? Because he had a hole in one!" Mo admits his jokes aren't funny, though the way Noel's looking at him is!
Box 9 - Mo - £50,000
Glen and Noel agree it's "one of those days"...
Box 12 - Ray - £10,000

Time from the Banker...

Banker's offer:

Glen says

Round 3
Glen risks box 6 not having the £250,000 again!!!
Box 6 - Gareth - £250
Box 20 - Mary - £750
Box 3 - Caroline - £50

Time for the Banker...
The Banker has a one-liner for Mo: "What do you call a woman with one leg? Eileen!". Mo takes a while to catch on!

Banker's offer:

Noel reminds us Julie was offered £8,000 here, declined it and immediately found the £250,000...

Glen says

Round 4
Box 18 - Paul - £1
No such events today!
Box 19 - Cookie - £20,000
Box 16 - Jonny - £5

Time for the Banker...
The Banker says Glen could become a quarter-millionaire still...and the two tiny amounts are keeping the offer low...

Banker's offer:

Glen reminds us he came to get some financial security for his brother, and for his and Rachel's future... He mentions this is hard, cue the Banker ringing back..."what a wonderfully touching moment"...it's knocked him to increase the offer to £15,000 if he chucks her live on air!!! Rachel asks about making up after!!! Cue the Banker immediately ringing up and saying it would have to be genuine so Noel advises he sticks to the £11,000

Jonny reckons it's all about having the courage to go on and keep the £35,000 and £250,000 to 5-box; Glen definitely doesn't want to go home with a blue though...

Glen says

Round 5
Noel talks up Glen's desire to help his brother and his and Rachel's future...
Box 17 - Sal - £1,000
Box 15 - Kelly - 1p
The studio erupts with screams of delight!
Noel wants £3,000 downwards here...
Box 13 - Emily - £35,000

Time for the Banker...
The £35,000 going immediately has Noel reminding us of Laura's final two boxes (£3,000 and £250,000) He can't recall the Banker making a compliment like this before: he's never seen a player show chivalry before!

Banker's offer:

Glen's more than ready for the question...

Glen says

Round 6 (proveout)
Noel wants the spanking...Glen would have kept box 8 to the end...
Box 22 - Andy - £500
Box 5 - Emma - 10p
Laura's finish is imminently talked up here! The Banker rings to confirm if this is not the £250,000 then the offer would have been £50,000!
Box 4 - Sharon - £250,000

Banker time with £100 and £3,000 remaining

Banker's offer would've been:

Glen's box 1 contains £3,000!

Brendan opens box 8 which contains the £100

Glen can't find words to describe the win, and £15,000 will go a long way for him and his family...

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