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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Brian's Deal or No Deal Game Report

Noel talks about last week and how it has been a courageous week, also Adrian's (The Plank!)game where everyone thought he had dealt way too early, but he proved he made the correct decision and even managed to get the banker to raise his offer before dealing it.

It's Brian's turn today and he has box 2, but they don't play "Postman Pat" while he takes the walk of wealth!! A missed opportunity there after all the effort Noel went to the other day dressing Brian up as Postman Pat!! Brian shows us a pic of him in a half marathon and Noel says he thought it was a Michael Fish look-alike competition!! Brian has his wife in the audience for support today, and he says his target is £250,000, as he has so many commitments!!

Round 1
22 - £50 Newbie Ian
6 - £50,000 Some groans for one of the power 5
7 - £1,000 That's fine says Noel, anything £5,000 is OK
20 - 50p Big cheers for the low blue
15 - £1

Brian says he is happy with that. Noel tells the banker he had a great Saturday after the beating that the banker took last week! The banker tells Noel he is feeling down as he has split up with Mortitia, and says he is now back on the market!! He offers £11,500, it's a good opening offer says Brian and Noel agrees, he says the banker is a little nervous after this courageous streak of late. Brian says NO DEAL

Round 2
12 - £100
Brian recalls that 17 has recently always had low numbers, but Noel says yesterday it had £15,000 - Brian says that is low...
17 - £5
5 - £250,000 Big groans as Doug again struggles with his box

Brian says it's a different game now and he will have to take out a loan for £150,000 now! He says it needs to be a very low interest rate of 1 or 2 % though! Noel says it's now Loan or No Loan, the banker says that the following call may be recorded for training or security purposes!! He says there would quite a few T&Cs with any loan taken out with him!!! He then offers £7,564, Noel asks where did that number come from, Brian is unsure and Noel points out it was the number on his marathon vest in the picture that was shown at the start of the show and says the show is a marathon and not a sprint. Brian says NO DEAL

Round 3
8 - 10p
19 - £100,000 Big groans, Noel says the loan has just increased
4 - £10 cheers for the blue

Brian says you are always going to take some reds out and there are still some good reds there and also some nice back-ups as well. The banker talks about Adrian and how he thought Adrian had blown it at the 3rd offer, the banker thinks Brian will also go here at the 3rd offer, he then offers £10,000. Brian goes to Julian who says it's still a decent board and to take a chance on one more round, Brian says NO DEAL

Round 4
Brian asks Rich what he thinks he has in his box, Rich replies he is not good at guessing his boxes but thinks it's a low red, Noel says he has been totally useless so far!! Brian sticks with Rich.
3 - £250 Rich is nearly right with his low red prediction
16 - £15,000 Ohhhh No says Noel, it's a hole in the comfort zone...
13 - £5,000

Noel says the comfort zone is not looking as strong now, but Brian says he is still happy with the board at the moment. The banker says he is grateful to Brian and he is taking tips of the way he speaks to the ladies now he is free from Mortitia!! He then offers £14,500. Brian says it is becoming more difficult now as it's a great offer, he asks the audience to stand if they would deal, no one stands!! Brian says NO DEAL

Round 5
21 - £750 Big cheers for the blue
Brian goes to Gus next, but Gus says he has had big reds but hopes for a blue..
Blue chants start
18 - 1p BIG cheers
Noel says he doesn't want any hopes dashed with this box
Blue chants start
14 - £35,000 Not so good says Noel

The banker says he was saved by the £35,000 going then, but this is the type of board that is tricky to stop someone from gambling on, he then offers £18,500. Jay tells Brian that he believes that he won't take out all of the big reds out in the next round, Brian says DEAL.

Brian tells Noel he is really happy with that deal.
Round 6 - Proveout round
11 - £20,000 Good start but you have to find the £75,000 says Noel
1 - £3,000
Red chants start!! A first for the show!
10 - £10,000

It's time for the Banker with £75,000 and £500 remaining. Noel says he has feeling there will be a horrible twist to this game, he tells Brian to sit down as he reveals that the banker would have offered £32,000. You blew it says Noel!!! Brian says he would have dealt there.

Noel does a big build up saying he hopes that Brian has not blown it here and lost the chance to win £75,000!
Noel opens box 2 and reveals £75,000! Box 9 contains the £500

Noel closes out the show saying that you can see the regret in Brian for not going on further in the game. He also reveals that tomorrow is the 400th show and there is a surprise for us in that the viewer's competition is a rollover one for the week, so if the big money isn't won each day it is rolled over to the following day

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